INTERVIEWS with contestants Saveria and Old Soul Rebel from CTV's 2019 The Launch's SEASON 2

The second season of CTV’s The Launch premiered Jan.30th, 2019 at 8pm hosted by Liz Trinnear of e-talk, in search of unsigned emerging artists looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, to learn, record and perform their version of a NEW original song by a world-famous songwriter/producer. These artists are then mentored by a panel of music industry icons, who then select which version of the song will be released across Canada after the broadcast of each episode.  Some of this year’s mentors are singer/songwriter Bebe Rexha, multi-Grammy and Juno awarded singer/songwriter Bryan Adams, multi-Grammy and JUNO awarded Sarah McLachlanrecord producer, songwriter, musician, composer, arranger and guitarist and 3 x Grammy winner Nile Rodgers and 8-time JUNO award winner Jann Arden.  Returning to the show is world renowned music executive and CEO/Founder of Big Machine Label Group Scott Borchetta as a permanent mentor and celebrity mentor/producer Ryan Tedder of One Republic – who helped launch 
the show last year.

I had the pleasure to have attended a taping for Episode 3 on Fri. September. 28th, which aired for the first time on February 13th, 2019.  I got to sit in studio and watch the making of magic and witnessed unique expressions of the chosen hit ' DOWN TO THE ROOTS'  as this song was performed by 2 stupendous acts London's Saveria  and Vancouver's Old Soul Rebel also featured Scott Borchetta and Marie-Mai, as well as celebrity mentor Max Kerman and producer Jon Levine, might I tell you, look out Canada~ major talent is coming your way, so don't forget to tune in!  These seasoned yet youthful females surely filled the studio with addictive flavours that engaged the audience, setting the tone for episodes to follow this season.  
(PHOTO BY Rachael Jones)
began her career at the age of 9 recording with Canada's legendary Mini Pop Kids right into her teens which prepared her passions and led her to The Launch, check out this clip I found of her at the age of 10.   
You could tell right away that music is her everything, she was full of poise and excitement and the audience felt that.  Her  Christina Aguilera sound, fueled us as she set the stage ablaze with her incredible vocal gifts.  I got to ask Saveria, 
1).  How old were you when you realized Music was to play a pivotal role in your existence?

Music was always a natural instinct, it was never something I had to decide to pursue. I started vocal lessons around age 7 and then joined the Mini Pop Kids at 9. I loved being in front of the camera, recording and touring and I wanted to be able to continue that. 

2).  How intense was the audition process during your episode of The Launch?

It was intense in so many ways! I was really nervous - it was the audition of a lifetime. Scott is one of the biggest in the biz and Marie-Mai is a huge pop star. It was really intimating to walk into the room. I was also starstruck with Max Kerman and Jon Levine has worked with huge names like Avril Lavigne and Alessia Cara. But as soon as I warmed up and started to sing, I was in my element and it completely loosened me up. 

3.)  What do you hope to achieve from being on The Launch?

I hope to work with amazing people and I did work with many during the show. I’ve taken all the advice the mentors gave me and I’m going to use it to push myself to be a better artist, especially their performance tips. The Launch is very fast paced and the music industry is fast paced too, so I think this will help me get ready for what’s to come

4.)  What does the term 'success' mean to you?

Success to me will always be doing what you love. If you’re satisfied with the creative you’re putting out into the world, it doesn’t matter how many listeners or retweets or likes you get.

I was further thrilled to ask a few of  Vancouver BC's duo act, the smoking hot Old Soul Rebel who came on stage with an electric guitar and a banjo, giving a rousing version of the same song "Down To The Roots." Never idle, they exploded all over that stage, engaging the full studio audience and even handing their electric guitar to an audience member, pure excitement start to finish, vocally reaching stratospheric proportions.  Both acts are definitely going places in their future endeavours.  

(PHOTO BY Rachael Jones)
Old Soul Rebel
1).  How old were you when you realized Music was to play a pivotal role in your existence?

Lola: At around 5 years old it became clear that music would be apart of my life. I'd play pretend I was Cyndi Lauper, dancing around the room or execute B5 Hammond organ solos.

Chelsea: I was a young girl, around 5 when I was put into the musical theatre by my mother, and then sang in the gospel in my mother’s choir growing up. I did those until I was 17. As much as performance and music was a huge part of my upbringing, I always thought I’d be an actress. It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver at 18 and met the poets and musicians that I realized I was meant to sing for the rest of my career.

2).  How intense was the audition process during your episode of The Launch?

Lola: My father passed away during the taping of the episode. His last wish was that I fly to Toronto and do The Launch. "No" was not an option. Intuitively I could feel his death coming so I was riding many emotional waves with him and my family during the time of the taping.  Leave it to death to reiterate the brevity of life and how precious it is. How important we put our egos aside and live life to the fullest.  He died on the Thursday. On Friday, we auditioned, I felt very grounded thinking about him when I went out onto the stage. In fact, I felt intensely grounded. I felt really present. The words “life's to short, f**k it, do this for your dad" kept replaying in my head.

Chelsea: The episode was quite a journey that’s for sure! New and exciting things were being asked of us. But having said that it still felt natural. Definitely moments of stress but always a really great pay off! 

3.)  What do you hope to achieve from being on The Launch?

Lola: I hope The Launch provides Old Soul Rebel with a means to continue doing music, to help unburden us from more of the day to day menial tasks, so perhaps we can start using our music to be of service to others on a grander scale.

Chelsea: The opportunity to be able to have our music reach more people, Old Soul Rebel is forever grateful for that! Being embraced by such hard working successful humans in our line of business is so inspiring. We’re lucky and honoured. We hope that we can get some momentum and continue to climb that mountain!

4.)  What does the term 'success' mean to you?

Lola: I follow the Buddhist way of thinking closely. To me, success means being at peace with my attachments in life. Being present. Being of service. 

ChelseaI think success means longevity. We want to be playing for people until our dying day. I want to sing professionally and support the people who I care for dearly, and share this fire that burns inside. And create community and strength through our music. That’s success to me!
(PHOTO BY Rachael Jones)  
Congratulations to Saveria on being selected to 
record the hit "Down to The Roots "   
Written by Simon Wilcox, Scott Steven and Produced by Jon Levine. 
(Photo by Rachel Jones) 
LEFT to RIGHT:   World-renowned music executive and CEO/Founder of Big Machine Label Group Scott Borchetta, SAVERIA, Marie-Mai, Max Kerman, and 

I was honoured to be included as a media source, representing The Wire Megazine at this powerhouse showcase series and I am so pleased to share Saveria's recording with all of you that is powered by IHeart Radio as seen on CTV 


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