RISEUP TV TOUR 2018, is the brain child of Mark Rosner - Rosner Management Services, & is a globally distributed TV show, introducing the world to the personalities, sights and sounds of artists of all genres and ages from Canada, the US and Europe! The 12 episodes will be largely constructed from footage obtained during the massive undertaking of a 12 city tour starting on May 20, 2018, in Victoria, B.C. and ending in Montreal, QC on June 2, 2018. The spectacle is made even more insane by the mode of transportation for the artists. The artists will be travelling in a chartered bus together and going coast to coast, performing at the shows along the way.

The evening is hosted by hypnotist / Magician Roger Boucher and will be approximately 2.5 hours each night. The footage collected from the shows, bus trip, hotels and adventures along the way, will be assembled into 12 episodes, with the goal of also highlighting each city along the way, with it’s own episode! This will not only be a
great example of life in today’s music industry, but a tremendous avenue to promote the beauty and landmark’s of each city involved! 

Don't delay, get your tickets today by visiting 
https://www.ticketscene.ca/series/604 for all show details, lineup and ticket prices.

I look forward to the TORONTO ROCKPILE showcase as this is the only one I can make it out to this year.  Go online to purchase your Toronto $10 ticket today, and be in the elite, join our audience during the live taping while enjoying STARS like:

Toronto's own Down the Void http://www.downthevoid.com
Scarborough's Mcclin https://www.reverbnation.com/mcclin
North Bay's Grooove https://groooveband.com
Athens Greece's Maplerun http://maplerun1.com
New York's Poetically Contagious http://www.poeticallycontagious.com
St Johns Newfoundland's Stephen Lawrence http://www.facebook.com/stephen.lawrence.5623
London's Cyphier http://www.cyphier.net
Vancouver BC's Tiffany Desrosiers https://tiffanydesrosiers.com
Fredericton New Brunswick's Carla Bonnell http://www.carlabonnell.com
Montreal's Julie Curly http://juliecurly.com
Peterborough's multi award winning SONGBIRD Missy Knott.

Bree Taylor http://breetaylor.com
Taylor Merrick  https://www.facebook.com/TaylorMerrickMusic

2018 RiseUp TV Tour seen artists live on stages inside:

Macpherson Theatre Victoria BC on May 20th;
Asylum (Hard Rock Casino) Vancouver B.C May 21st;
Habitat in Kelowna B.C May 22nd; 
The Last Drop  in Revelstoke B.C. May 23rd;
The Palace Theatre Calgary AB on May 24th;
The Hilltop Pub in Edmonton AB on May 25th;
Rockstar music venue  in Windsor, May 28th;
East Side Bar and Grill  in London, May 29th;
This Ain’t Hollywood  in Hamilton, May 30th;
The Rockpile*  in Etobicoke,  May 31st;
The Venue  in Peterborough,  June 1st;
L'hemisphere Gauche in Montreal, June 2nd.

For more information on your career and how Rosner Management Services www.rosnermanagement.com
can be of assistance,  contact Mark Rosner at (604) 401 2503

Recovery Fundraiser for Linda Prakash

Owner of All Stars Bar and Grill, Mr. Spencer Casey was found along side staff, family, friends and patrons who came together in support of an injured local area resident.  

The rockin' 73 Bramalea Road all day fundraising event saw 100's donating and enjoying the fantastic BBQ, raffles, silent auction and live musical entertainment featuring: 

Ramblin' Soul

Demolition Rage

Social Strife

Trigger Sindrome, Susie Grooves & Co. forged forward with Faces for Radio a dominating force.

Organizers Steve Brown & Kim Byrne would like to thank their long list of dedicated volunteers Deanna Reesor, Jennifer Cassie, Steve Larabee, Deb & Ralph Watts, Shelby Watts with Doug & Ramona Bennie, as well, a huge thanks going out to the wonderful prize donators Crystal Clear Swimming Pools, Costco, Home Depot, Attrell Toyota, Personal Services Coffee, Ricardo Meja, Molsons, Labatt, Majestic Wine, Mike Gloyn.   This event proudly presented $3,430.00 directly to local resident Linda Prakash, who many weeks back, was struck by a hit and run driver, leaving her seriously injured, as she ambulated her way home from work in Brampton.  All proceeds have gone towards Linda's lengthy medical recovery costs.
Photo of Linda by Steve Brown

Time, heart and talents sure made for one awesome fundraising success!!!! 

That is what love for mankind is all about, coming together for the greater good of a well 
respected area resident.  Speedy recovery Linda.

All PHOTOS taken and submitted by Deb Draper minus 1 shot by Steve Brown.

The Slambovian Circus of Dreams drops by Toronto at Hugh's Room Live!

Photo by Stuart Berg
Serendipity, is an occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way, and that pretty much describes how I met The Slambovian Circus of Dreams in 2015, as well, how Hugh's Room Live was revived. The club struck gold once again, with the return of  internationally acclaimed brilliance known as The Slambovian Circus of Dreams. One of the most musically explosive, magically addictive sounds revved up their mystical engines northbound for an up close, intimate & back by popular demand showcase on March 30, 2018. All the way from the Hudson Highlands of New York to Hugh’s Room Live in Toronto, where they released their enchanted blends.

Derek Andrews (HRL booking agent) kicked the night off with his usual humour and informative updates letting us know that 500 people donated $150,000.00 toward the Hugh's Room re start up costs, and that the club had reopened as a non for profit organization, consisting of 8 board members that help steer the club.  Also, that the HRL will have new ideas and on April 28th they celebrated their 1st Anniversary of this incarnation with a show entitled " 1 Year In," which featured the likes of David Woodhead, Jaron Freeman-Fox, Sheila Carabine, Amanda Martinez & Donne Roberts, John Lorinc and Robert Priest, Joe Fiorito, HRL Kitchen  Band, French Squeeze, Kellylee Evans and Drew Gonsalves and 2 time Juno recipient Jack de Keyzer.
Left to Right:  Slambovian Circus of Dreams frontman and songwriting curator Joziah Longo and
Hugh's Room Live Booking Agent Derek Andrews on the right.

The Slambovian Circus of Dreams is a complex act of indescribable euphoria, too extraordinary for description.  Their songs stretch the limits of psychedelic to progressive rock which meets a punky sounding folk pop.   Joziah's unique and philosophically penned pieces elaborated and made you "Look Around" (a new progressive song from their newest album, currently being produced by engineer Dio Tadin in New York).   This was their 1st time performing it live, setting the mystical tone for the evening, directing us onto a "Lost Highway" while we experienced an "Absolutely Beautiful Friggin Day."

They engaged their sold out audience in magical and enthusiastic sing-alongs.  They are far from "Pushing Up Daisies" as they are to busy bringing joy to many hearts as they travel the globe.  They kept their legion of fans captivated singing along to crowd pleasing ditties like " A Very Unusual Head," we virtually exploded with sheer energy under their spell, making us all "Very Happy Now."

Sharkey McEwen (guitars, mandolin, backing vocals), long-time musical partner of Joziah's, who is also the band's main engineer and co-producer, strolled that medley piece with ease, right into the crowd pleasing and hypnotic version of The Ramones,
"I Wanna be Sedated."  At this point the audience went nuts dancing everywhere.
The 2015 Wire Megazine Award 2 time nominees, multi instrumentalists, Uncle and nephew, Dimitri and Tristan Tadin, were special additions to TSCoD on both bass and keys.  Cofounder, singer, songwriter, guitarist and engineer Dio Tadin made a special guest appearance bringing NEW Clear Stone songs "California" and "Born on The River" to the stage, unleashing their traditional rock alternative sound mixed with deep rooted folk, drenched in a heavy Beatlesque
and Tom Petty flavour.

TSCoD last song of the set was "I Know Where The Bees Have Gone" which encouraged us right into another sing along responsively, "Where All the Birds and Bees Have Gone."  After a short break, the band returned with "A Good Thief Tips HIs Hat" from their debut 1998 album, in which the title was an offhand tribute to all of the older groups and artists who have influenced them as well, they dedicated this piece to the late great David Bowie.  
Thus leading into a “Step Outta Time,” which frontman and curator of songs Joziah, described as a cross between Pete Seeger and The Allman Brothers which featured multi instrumentalist Tink Lloyd on a Jethro Tull style flute sound.” 
Following the hit "Solve It All Dali (daily)," was 19 year old Tristan Tadin who perfected his original vocal and piano composition "The World Spinning 'Round."  PRICELESS moment went to Tristan's grandfather (a Toronto chief industrial designer) Stoyan Tadin, who got to witness Tristan live for the 1st time, he was so proud of his grandson with eyes as wide as his smile.

A  TSCoD playful piece followed entitled "Tink (I know It's You)" which was created in 1998 but, only performed it at their rehearsals, once again, this was a debut of yet another amazing hit.  Joziah said, " I wrote this song and it's about the Tink and the Tink means something to me.  I think that in every woman there is a Tink and a Wendy.  The Wendy will get you trapped in reality, running around doing the devil's work all the time, just to make a living and grow old and loose your spirt.  And the Tink, is the part that is kind of a pain in your ass part, the part that picks on you all the time and tries to get you to do good stuff and kicks your ass a little bit, but, it's that pure fairy spirit.  So, Tink is that fighting spirit in women." 
"But, it's not about me-it's about me and all of you," Tink expressed.
TSCoD spoke fondly regarding Canadian Country Alternative singer/songwriter Fred Eaglesmith and how at his annual Aylmer, Ontario Charity Picnic, they got to meet and become friends with Toronto born Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer and folk master Willie P Bennett. Also, this year marked the 10th anniversary of Willie's passing in Peterborough.  TSCoD possess a barefoot confidence full of grace that has spanned 20 years since their massive sound was conceived.   https://www.fredeaglesmith.com/show/eaglesmith-charity-picnic-aylmer-ontario-2018

They incorporated their "Force of Nature,"
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xAKzkQCFV4 an ode to the universe and its effects on brilliant scientists like Stephen Hawking into their excitable set. This hit will appear on their full studio album, with lots of Hawking-inspired instrumentation!
Last song of the night, was a sonic delight, a taste of Dylan "Freight Train Blues,"  amalgamating into 1 of their epic hits, the deliciously brilliant "The Trans-Slambovian Bi-polar Express," leaving the audience absolutely mind blown.  I sensed a deep connection to a fun loving Irish Rovers song-writing style with splashes of Dinosour Jr. flooded with the hillbilly-Pink Floyd’ feel mixed with the Tom Petty kind of Americana. Relatively, you sensed you were transported back in time, straight to Woodstock!  Standing ovation filled the hall with repeated chants of ENCORE ENCORE as TSCoD proudly returned to the stage sharing more of their incredibly addictive craft. A beautiful rendition of The Beatles "Golden Slumbers" was a genius slide down deep and blended perfectly with
their hit "The invisible."

Not many original acts, can make a direct electrifying musical connection right away with their audience as strongly as they do, and I still feel that triboelectric effect when I listen to their tunes today. For those that are unaware of this feeling, well, it’s a contact electrification where certain materials, such as my mind, become electrically charged after they come into frictional contact with the specific material, like the songs by The Slambovian Circus of Dreams. They are definitely 1 of the world’s greatest acts that have stood the test of time and have managed to create and tour year after year, with an outstanding 18 released masterpieces in just under a 20 year discography-ranging from singles, videos, live concert recordings to their (1998) "Good Thief Tips His Hat," 2004's double disc "Flapjacks From The Sky," to 2008's "The Great Unravel," as well, the 2010 "The Grand Slambovians" and their most recent 2014 Greatest Hits release
"Box of Everything."  

Stay in tune with Clear Stone and The Slambovian Circus of Dreams as they both have rare musical gems about to be released. Stop in to see what all the buzz is all about at