is Canada’s premiere 2 day festival of synthesized sound! Focusing on education, performance during seminars that range from general interest to recording & synthesis techniques with effects processing with demonstrations and of course the gear!  LIVE daytime and evening concerts too!
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nOVEMBER 25th - 26th 830pm 


SAT, NOV 25, 2017, 11:00 AM – SUN, NOV 26, 2017, 5:00 PM EST
Sales end on November 24

CA $10 CA $1.20 FEE Online tickets sales ends at 6pm Nov. 24th, 
after that tickets are sold then at the door only. 

2 Days + Concert 
CA $25 + $2.11 FEE  
Online tickets sales ends at 6pm Nov. 24th,
 after that tickets are sold then at the door only. 

2 Days without Concert
CA $20 + $1.80 FEE
Online tickets sales ends at 6pm Nov. 24th, 
after that tickets are sold then at the door only. 

Located at 292 Brunswick Avenue at The Tranzac or Toronto Australia New Zealand Club is non-profit member supported community organization with a focus on promoting arts, music and theatre that continues to honour its Australian and New Zealand cultural roots.

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SEE you in November for a festival to remember.

October was magical from Country to Blues to Hard Rock to Alternative & Punky Metal.

October 2, Peterborough’s distinctive voice, Curve Lake First Nation’s multi-award winning singer & songwriter Missy Knott closed Toronto's 2017 Yonge & Dundas Square's Fall Lunch Time Live Series, with her passionate heart, creative mind, raspy soul & her barefoot confidence accompanied by Dean James (award-winning singer-songwriter & Nashville recording Artist). Strolling us thru her originals Erica’s SongOne Last Touch, title track/album My Sister’s Heart & a duet with Dean James on Missy's TAMELESS, which describes her endless career. Stay in touch at 

October 7, S & S Promotions & Up Close & Personal 
presented another SOLD OUT Killer Dwarfs performance at Etobicoke's Rock Pile featuring Alberta singer & songwriter Esther Widmann.  This trio unleashed hypnotic & stimulating synth metal originals CrumbleAll To Myself, Die TodayBury You & Bring It On

The Goatbox Rebels released their bluesy/punk/metal originals Black Tooth Grin & No Love Lost off their 2016 CD Let Us All Bleed Integrity, rock on with  

RUSTIK's back in full throttle after a 10 year hiatus, perfecting their originals See Through, Not RealFor OnceBeneath MeOverratedThe Shore Take The Fall from their NEW CD HESITATE stay in tune at /rustikreborn.

Juno nominated Killer Dwarfs rocked hit after hit while fans anticipated Russ Dwarf's signature body surfin' moment. Drummer extraordinaire Darrel Millar, held a solemn moment in memory of icon Tom Petty, Colin McAllister (Toronto music supporter & photographer) & Darrell’s own Father, Bill “The Piano Man” Millar. This was a very moving event dedicated to Breast Cancer including a pink tricycle raffle which raised just over $1,200.00 for Wheels of Hope-transportation for Cancer patients
Every Killer Dwarfs show ignites my 80’s metal spirits, taking us Driftin Back In Time, with sold out shows & fans standing shoulder to shoulder in a Union of Pride. They will be Coming Through the Rockpile once again in 2018 to unleash their Dirty Weapons. Hop on board Dwarf Nation at 

October 19, saw the stellar return of Alberta's Esther Widmann to the Rock Pile presented by Sean Patrick Armstrong of Ghost and The Machine, along with an incredible list of musical talents. Toronto’s singer, song-writer Josh Gordon engaged us with his blues rock infused renditions of hits by Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton covers; check this treasure out at   

Vinyl Ambush
brought their A game, energizing the room with their stupendous originals, catching our Curiosity, while unleashing their Alien & rocking us with their most popular Let It Rain & Toxic, all the while introducing us to their newest Occupation & Space Head. Keep up to snuff at 

Beyond Savage is a new 3 piece on the climb that brings fantabulous harmonies on their covers & infectious originals like Can't Stop Lovin' You, engage your senses and visit   

Esther Widmann's trio returned in headlining position, sharing her one-of-a-kind stimulating alternative sound chalked full of originals including her A Capella intro with identical originals performed off her set list from Oct. 7 performance (seen above). Blending in explosive versions of Holly McNarland’s Numb, Nine Inch Nails' Closer, Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit & Placebo’s Running Up That Hill covers. Emotions ran high with her solo encore as she carved an intimate version of London Grammar’s hit, If You Wait. Stay tuned to the newest music icon on the horizon at

Killer Dwarfs SOLD OUT SHOW OCT 7th Rock Pile

Killer Dwarfs SOLD OUT Show Oct. 7th

The Rockpile was loud and proud once again Oct. 7th with another sold out steller

S & S Promotions and Up Close and Personal PRESENTED Killer Dwarfs showcase.

All the way from Alberta, Canadian singer/song-writer Esther Widmann kicked it into high gear with an explosive display, bringing her hypnotic and stimulating sounds to the masses, who were mesmerized by the addictive electronic & industrial synth metal sound that switched up between darkly harmonic into blended symphonic metal with a voice that escalated from mezzo/contralto into soprano in seconds, all entrenched inside a fantasy. Her self titled trio featured musically gifted guitarist Trev Kill who also delves double duty as front-man for Sugar Snap and Negative Earth and building the deep hard and heavy connection was the turbocharged, creatively experienced, drumming educative force, Brent Thommy Thunders Gerliz. There was an 80’s deeply seated richness in her songCrumble, one could hear variations of Toronto’s idiosyncratic Jane Siberry. Yet, while listening to Esther’s versatile vocals in All To Myself I could actually hear yet another genre; the incredible compatibility to that of multi Grammy/Juno awarded, Canadian Music Hall of Famer & fellow Albertan, KD Lang. This phenom can ramp up to those impressive and luxurious soprano notes reaching stratospheric proportions. Her plethora of originals Die Today, Bury You & Bring It On (appearing on her 1st album in near future) resemble a hypnotic and stimulating synth metal combination of Tarja Turunen meets Dutch singer Sharon Den Adel meets Evanescence with strong vocal splashes of Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. When the intro started, I could hear hints of imaginative orchestra similar to Moon Dance by Danny Elfman (Corpse Bride orchestra score). I’m honoured to hear that, Deb! All of the vocalists you mentioned, I have a ton of admiration for, especially KD Lang and Tarja Turunen &Trev and I both, are huge fans of Lacuna Coil. I was exposed to a lot of different genres of music while growing up, which really helped me with developing my vocals. So thank you very much for reaching out to tell me this, as it really encourages me in believing, I’m on the right path. Last original song of their set was an emotional piece, ‘Let It Go’ which was written surrounding her mother’s recent passing and the performance was laced with Esther’s captivating interpretive dance & dramatic vocals; truly stellar. They were greeted by a full house, crowding her stage. Pulling in the reins for a softer angelic almost orchestral classical injection one moment baring her talented pulsating change of pitch (vibrato) zooming right into a powerful combination of heavy drums with different guttural metal guitar elements in nanoseconds, making this rare gem a mind blowing experience.
Stay in tune at as she returns Oct 19th in headlining position with special opening guests Josh Gordon Band at 8pm, Vinyl Ambush at 840pm and Beyond Savage at 910pm with Esther mounting the stage at 10pm. Tickets are $15 go to Esther Widmann’s Oct 19th event page on Facebook and Click “going” to get on our $10 early bird VIP list!
Special nod goes out to The Rock Pile owner- Dominic Tassielli, his active and friendly bar staff, delishious food and the amazing lights by Gaetano Iannnotti and hats off to our Jake Disman, 1 of Toronto’s finest and friendliest sound engineer technician who assembles, operates and maintains the technical equipment used to amplify and record performers.  He is active in this field with various bars/pubs, concerts and festivals thru the GTA all year round.  He is the nuts and bolts that makes the magic come alive.  Thanks for all your dedication to your craft and for molding the crafts of all musicians you work with.   Thanks for how you operate, monitor, and adjust equipment to regulate the volume and ensure quality mbroadcasts & concerts.
   The Goatbox Rebels torn the stage up with Montreal guitarist and founder Ivan Westley (Ulogy/Todd’s Gene Pool/Dilute The Poison) & drummer Nate Finucci (The Nursery/The Savilles) and newest bassist Sylvain Marquis (Farsight/Shredding Silence). They nailed the total blend of bluesy punk infused metal grind in their Black Tooth Grin, No Love Lost, Opium Dozer and Icarus off their 2016 ‘Let Us All Bleed Integrity’ EP. Catch them performing at The Geekery Pub in Niagara Falls November 17th stay in tune at

RUSTIK was back in full throttle after a 10 year hiatus and they surely didn’t ‘Hesitate’ to introduce their songs See Through, Not Real, Hesitate, For Once, Beneath Me, Overrated, The Shore and Take The Fall from their NEW CD, released that evening.   
Rustik performed their hits while in direct support of the Killer Dwarfs with all original members present. Leaving you in the hard rock n roll frame of mind were Toronto based musicians, front man lead vocalist Rob DeLuca, screaming guitar guru Rob Moncrieff, rhythm team mates drummer extraordinaire Paul Gouveia and the deep thumping’ musical master, bassist Carlos Chapa.
Highlights of this set was when front-man Rob collaborated with 10 year old piano player Alessia (the daughter to Rustik guitarist, Rob Moncrieff) on a song she adores, Elvis’s hit Cant’ Help Falling in Love, the crowd went crazy cheering loud and proud thus leading Rustik into a hard rockin’ version of Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell, leaving the audience going nuts, it was priceless.
They also sold their posters with proceeds being donated to Colin McAllister family. Keep up to date at
The Killer Dwarfs
rock and roll army was well represented front and centre amongst the sold out, all aged, 80’s metal lovin’ pirates that crowded together against the stage, ready to receive Russ Dwarf in his usual body surfin moment. They should consider a 2 day back to back weekend event in 2018 as they are Comin’ Through the Rockpile to unleash their Dirty Weapons, they surely Can’t Loose as their shows are always sold out shoulder to shoulder and a lot of people couldn’t get a ticket this time to witness the Union of Pridein that great concert hall.
It Doesn’t Matter as every Killer Dwarfs show ignites our 80’s metal spirits, taking usDriftin Back singing along and “everyone knows it’s been a shit week…we’re here, we raised our glasses to a good life, rock ‘n roll & puppies.” Darrell Millar, drum extraordinaire, worked his usual drumtastic magic with goatee and long locks just a flailing about, at one point resembling ANIMAL meets cousin it, it was hair everywhere.
Darrel dismounted his position on the drum riser platform for a solemn moment in memory of icon Tom Petty, musical friend Colin McAllister (Toronto music supporter and photographer) and to Darrell’s own Father, Bill “The Piano Man” Millar. Johnny Dwarf produced the hard pumping heart thumpin rhythm and blended with Mr. Ray of Sunshine, the always grinning guitarist and cutey pie Gerry Finn. He is a natural and really connects with his audience much like Russell Dwarf.
This was a very special Killer Dwarfs presentation, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. They raffled off a pink trike to raise money to support Wheels of Hope, the transporting of Cancer patients to and from treatments; and the colour pink to link with Breast Cancer, an illness close to my own heart, as I lost my mom to breast and liver cancer July 19th, 1995 and have my own breast issues yearly monitored.
This has also impacted some close friends of the Killer Dwarfs like Dana, who is a breast cancer survivor, the raffle drew in $1,200 for this heart warming cause. Fists and horns were plentiful in the sea of bodies throughout Heavy Mental Breakdown which was the last song of the night for me, as my ride arrived early once again. I think what does it for me, is time marches on and we all age, yet the energy that the Killer Dwarfs emits seems to keep them musically preserved if you will, frozen in the 80’s. There is a Method To Their Madness, it totally strips you back to a more innocent and care free time of your life, and for this reason, it heals, leaving you inspired, renewed, revved & ready to face the world. Hop on board this fast moving freight train known as Dwarf Nation