REVIEW: 2016 TASTE OF TORONTO with Kevin Brazolot and Deb Draper


Awesome is what AWESOME IS! 

Tasty Treats everywhere at this years international food sensation,  celebrating their 13th successful season, returned for it's 3rd year at the GARRISON COMMONS AT FORT YORK, in beautiful downtown Toronto, on June 23-26, 2016.  10's of thousands of adoring food fans attended this festival for its unique culinary adventures just for food lovers from all over the world.  Taste of Toronto has rapidly increased in size, which has joined the ranks as part of the world's greatest food festival,  held in 22 different cities around the globe! 

Taste of Toronto showcases and features the delectable eatables of Toronto's legendary fine dining establishments and its leading innovative creators.  Totally dedicated to foodie fans and the promotion of Toronto's restaurants and world renowned chefs, this incredible 4 day fabulous food and beverage experience featured outstanding local Toronto and area restaurants and their chefs, who created and served up their signature dishes. Scrumptious was the best descriptive theme, that pretty much shouted at me all day,  “Deb, eat me!”  Over indulging on fantastic gourmet food and drinks, was the goal, and having it all in one location, surely made it happen. If you are a well-dined gourmand or just passionate about fine foods and delicious beverages, then the Taste of Toronto is the prime Summer destination for you. 

Each of the 21 restaurant hot spots produced their succulent masterpieces by mimicking (on a smaller scale) their restaurants, offering samples or full plate services, with well over 70 unique dishes in total to try from Toronto's finest dining venues, click here to see all restaurants that participated   It does get expensive, but that is - in my opinion - part of the experience and what keeps quality high. No food and wine festival is ever cheap. With well over 200 artisans in the market place to sample and purchase products, we did not have far to go as the booths were strategically placed and fully wheelchair accessible with reasonable pricing.

Friday -  Nota Bene & Soyrizo Vegan Tacos with sunflower sourcream, NB sriracha, corriander and sprouts (416) 977-6400  Chef David Lee is the third generation in a family line of Chefs. In August 2008, David opened Nota Bene, which became an instant success and was quickly awarded “Best New Restaurant” by both Toronto Life and enRoute Magazine. One year after opening Nota Bene, David was named the winner of the Toronto edition Gold Metal Plate in 2009. He has since become the sole owner of Nota Bene and re-launched the restaurant with a brand-new look, concept and menu in February 2016.   

Friday  - Barque  
Deb sampled State Fair Corn Dog with corn relish and curried mustard from the 
new addition to Roncesvalles, located at the corner of Geoffery @ 299 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Ontario M6R 2M3  This is a classic southern barbecue, crafted cocktails, and seasonal desserts.  The word's out, so plan ahead make a reservation. (416) 532-7700

Saturday we visited Tropic Love drink stand of pure organic fresh fruit smoothies.  You simply choose from fresh pineapple, watermelon and coconut water, then they blend with ice right on the spot, with no additional sugars or additives and serve in its festive fruit complete with an umbrella topper. Tropic Love Concessions is all about letting you get some TLC. They are all about health and happiness and offer healthy products to market-goers across Canada.   this year to see for yourself click

Photos by Deb Draper

Next,  Kevin Brazolot stopped at Richmond Station where Kevin sampled the delicious 
STN. BURGER featuring lettuce, beet chutney, aged cheddar, milk bun, rosemary fries, dill pickle & an onion ring. Deb and Kevin indulged in Richmond Station's Organic Cappachino Ice Cream with a fresh waffle cone (his 1 to my 2).  You can stop in and visit their location at 1 Richmond St W in Toronto and let Chef Carl Heinrich create your one of a kind plate.  He was a winner of Top Chef Canada, Season 2.  647•748•1444

Wine Tasting connasseurs lined up early to explore Beaujolais Wine experience.  It was a full house tasting and food pairing event with Kevin on his 1st ever!  Beaujolais Wines are of French Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) wine generally made of the Gamay grape which has a thin skin and is low in tannins. Like most AOC wines they are not labeled varietally.   Educating the crowd with knowledge of their Fruity wines to their bolder flavoured wines to the meat of the matter, their darker meater qualities.  This interactive wine sampling session was hosted by Jamie Drummond an Edinburgh-born/Toronto-based Sommelier consultant, writer, judge and educator and Director of Programs/Editor of Good Food Revolution and Presented by world class Sommelier Michelle Jobin.  Pairing up with a delicious bite sized beef slider from Barque.

Metro Master Class unique opportunity allowed patrons who signed up at the beginning of each day, participate in a hands on cooking sessions event at Taste of Toronto.  I got the chance to capture on Friday, the one and only Chef Mark McEwan who was Canada’s youngest ever executive chef at Toronto’s from upscale Sutton Place Hotel, who leads the restaurant scene in Toronto, “North 44” to “Bymark” to the always interesting “ONE”, who is a TV Personality, Chef, Judge and Author all rolled into one and a staple name in Yorkville.  Saturday Kevin Brazolot, fabulous cook and bassist of Demolition Rage, got to experience 1st hand what it is like to cook under pressure, time limit and all.  I was viewing behind the camera, then got thrown in to assist and BURN ONIONS, which Chef Mike Ward said i did perfectly.  It was an honor to capture shots and to meet  freelance food stylist, recipe developer, tester and writer, and host Miranda Keyes along with Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's attractive personal Chef Mike Ward who is also a cooking/travel/lifestyle television series director and producer and one of Canada's top food journalists.  It was a blast seeing the room full of patrons cooking the same dish and it was amazing to see and taste the masterpiece by Kevin, as he was the only one in the room solo versus 2-3 at a station.  Sponsored by METRO.


Toronto Life's Chef Table allowed patrons to chat with Toronto’s best chefs and food experts  like Chef Franco StalteriSnacks supplied by La Maison Maille, Ace Barkery, Piller's and Woolwich Dairy and beverages by ESKA Naturally Pure. We were honored to have listened in as Chef Franco Stalteri shared his one-of-a-kind restaurant Charlie's Burgers which is a series of private dining events, he has collaborated with over 50 of the wolds best restaurants and is multi awarded Food and Wine Magazine's top 3 in 100 best new food and drink experiences in the world.

Photo by Kevin Brazolot

Deb beat the heat Friday and had the original non alcoholic beverage root beer, oh so yummy.   Kevin, on Saturday had the Newly released 5.2% Distillery Root Beer product that marks the brewery’s entry into the increasingly popular hard soda segment of the alcoholic beverage market. Distillery Root Beer is a hard  root beer made using the all-natural draught root beer currently served at Mill Street Brew Pub locations, combined with Vanilla Porter Bierschnaps distilled in the original Mill Street locations in Toronto’s Distillery District. This beverage is instantly recognizable for its classic root beer taste derived from the pure cane sugar, vanilla and all-natural root beer extract used to create this unique brew. More refined and only lightly sweet, it is very drinkable with a distinctive overtone of oak sandalwood and cinnamon spiciness mingled with flavours of licorice, vanilla and wintergreen that define traditional root beer.  Located at  55  Mill Street Toronto. call first to reserve a seat for dinner at 416-681-0338 ext 4 

Pillers Fine Foods we sampled sausage, yummy yummy sausage.  A bit about Pillers, In 1957, Wilhelm Huber opened a small butcher shop in Waterloo, Ontario using family recipes and traditional European meat processing methods to provide his customers with authentic, great-tasting European deli meats. Two years later, his brothers Edward and Heinrich joined the company which became Piller’s Sausages and Delicatessens Limited.  From those humble beginnings, Piller’s has become one of North America’s largest producers of European sausages and deli meats, famous for award-winning products such as Black Forest ham and air-dried salamis. To this day, after five generations of sausage makers, Piller’s still uses the same natural aging, curing, and smoking process that had customers lining up outside Wilhelm Huber’s butcher shop over 50 years ago.  The company was acquired by Premium Brands Holdings Corporation in 2011 and is now known as Piller’s Fine Foods.   

We captured many different things and our expectations were more than exceeded and the only negative I found was the intense heat and not a lot of places to sit in the shade.  However, it was mind-numbing the numbers of patrons that came in droves to taste the amount of food and drink options.  Selections were plentiful and Yea...we ate a lot, so many things I wanted to try, but, my wallet and stomach were not large enough! You should bring $30 or more onto your crown card to sample what this festival has to offer, plus $14 and up to VIP  $65.00 for your entrance fee,  Truly did not disappoint & I left me full of sustenance and bliss, as you know a way to a gal's heart is via her stomach, or at least that is the way with me.  Food & drink were succulent, juicy, it wet my appetite, I highly recommend you attend & take a peek at the following video to hear what Sir cooks a lot, Kevin Brazolot had to review

Written by volunteer contributor photojournalist Deb Draper 



Staying in tune with NXNE 2016

  In it's 3rd decade and celebrating 22 years as the most anticipated summer music event in Toronto, The NXNE Festival and conference showcased bands, brands, for bloggers, media & music fans a like.  It brought Indie artists (music, art, comedy, film, technology & gaming) to the forefront of Toronto's oldest and hottest venues, seeing 350,000 in attendance to catch 160 musical acts in 20 venues from bars to concert halls to outdoor live performances, generating millions into the city's economy. 

June 13th was Day 1 brought me to meet Damien Nelson and her 25 year Flip Publicity Team who did a fantastic job promoting this 7 day festival.  First stop musically was the 69 year old Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, located in it's iconic 155 year old structure on Queen Street West.  Horseshoe is famous for it's warm and friendly staff and for hosting the planet's largest ICONs that once upon a time cut their teeth here.  It is a staple every year for NXNE, show casing today's Indi talents from around the world, selling out mostly by 10pm. I was anxious to review this lineup of talent that came from as far away as England who appeared on David Letterman-Eagulls. "What Have We Here" Several Futures kicked it into high gear, featuring Toronto's Johnny, Evan and Matt with their infectious 80s punk rocky feel. Check out  "Before You Forget"  & visit

Followed by The Effens from Toronto with their trendy new wave creations, with lots of hair flipping heavy glam rock guitar, resembling at times, U2.  Check out CD 
"Burn Blush"

Topping the night off was EAGULLS from Leeds U.K.  They brought us hits from their 3rd album "Ullages". These polite lads collaborated beautifully leaving a euphoric sense if you closed your eyes, you were at a Cure concert.  Creative and unique, yet, a very comforting and familiar sound.  Brought me back in time creating a distraction from my daily stressors. Mark Goldsworthy on guitar, George Mitchell on lead vocals and Henry Ruddell on drums with Tom Kelly on bass and Liam Matters on guitar site brought "My Life In Rewind" I can see how they got to perform live on David Letterman and how they impressed Bill Murray too. I loved their psychedelic loud bass and retro feel.  Their career is destined for infinite success with "Never Endings".  All in all this 1st night oozed trendy distinctive mystical dream pop goth-punk with hint of the blues!
June 14th was Day 2 brought me to 1 of the few remaining traces of Toronto's early days of rock n roll rythmn and blues which has been musically active 58 years, now covering all genres. I once worked as a coat check gal here at The Silver Dollar Room and being back here seeing 80% still looked the same, blew my mind.  Feeling at home as the alluring 70-80's came flooding back as Toronto's The Dead Projectionists crossed over between 70's rock meets The Smith's, with a bluesy synth pop feel.  "All This Time" I was missing out on NXNE and it's Indie soon to be giants in the world of music.  Alex Goyetche on vocals/guitar brought passion mixed with Al Purcell's heavy guitar riffs and narley drum beats thanks to Scott Walsh, having Stefhan Iwaskow rock it loud and proud breaking his bass string and adding color was Kirby Schiemann on keys/synths.

Future Peers took the stage by storm with their Ska meets reggae meets The Clash intensity. Fans swarmed the crowded  dance floor as Luke Correia-Damude on guitar/vocals, Mike Lobel on synths/percussion, David Stein-bass, Frank Cox O'Connor on drums nailed it!   "Ex-Teens" was genius go visit
They led the pathway to LA's dance punk disco act Moving Units. "Neurotic Exotic" was a great name for an album and a fantastic description of their sound.  They filled the Silver Dollar Room with a deep and heavy bass with a twang disco dance punk sense as Blake Miller and Moving Units read the room and delivered what we were starving for, high energy.  "Between Us And Them" our hunger was satisfied
June 15th was Day 3 brought me to Ryerson University's Ted Rogers campus for NXNE Interactive Conference. Was a perfect day from the delicious breakfast and lunch, helpful staff and friendly organizers and front row reserved seating in the huge auditorium that was filled with eager music and gamers alike.  Intro's seen the Dean of Ryerson University Charles Falzon from Faculty of Communications and Design, followed by Michael Hollett co-founder and President of NXNE who is passionate about music, culture and politics.  Michael Hollett came from a journalistic family and he is also with Now Magazine, Alternative News Foundation and co-founding member & Board of Director for Music Canada.  Intro's continued with Steve Gans of AMD and the incredibly up lifting humour filled, educational ICON session with American Engineer, entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, the Father of Modern gaming took center stage.  Nolan is most famous for ATARI and Chuck E. Cheese pizza theatres, and he walked us though his careers and how he created ETAK the 1st digital maps of the world as part if automotive navigation which is the back bone of Google or Map Quest, sharing he was Steve Jobs' only boss!  Nolan shared his recipient of The Video Game Hall of Fame; Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame and Outstanding Contributor to Video Game Industry BAFTA award. Nolan was involved with Catalyst Technologies the 1st tech incubator of the 1st digital navigation system by video; the 1st online ordering system and UWINK the 1st touch screen menu ordering and entertainment system. He has a movie on ATARI coming out staring Leonardo Dicaprio and has a PONG The Musical coming out as well. Photo of Nolan Bushnell.
Next was The Art of Sound and MUSIC in Gaming Panel by FACTOR.  Steve Ehrlick, Associate Professor of RTA School of Media at Ryerson University/director of the Music Den, led an insightful panel of computer designers, musicians and gaming experts.  1st up was Richie Nieto of Ubisoft Toronto's third largest independent game publishers boasting billions in revenue.  Next, Maggie McLean Toronto's independent Video Game & Music Composer, Rich Vreeland or Disaster Peace as he is also known as, who is an American composer and musician and film score composer.  Also included was Graeme Cornies who shared his award winning talents as a composer and about his video gaming experience. 

Next was the INDIE SHOWCASE featuring Tanya Van Luven marketing and communications manager at Loud on Planet X with Alex Jansen of Pop Sandbox, an award winning Studio based in T.O who with film makers, musicians, composers, game developers, artists ect created Loud on Planet X, which you choose the act from Lights, Metric, July Talk, Cadence Weapon ect. and you fight off aliens in the audience with weapons like strobe lights, amps, speakers, fog machine, bouncers before aliens reach the artists on stage. Next up Cadence Weapon a rapper, producer, writer and Nominee for Polaris Music Prize followed by Augusto Quijano of Drink Box Studios in Toronto, an independent Video Game programmer. Next team leader Monica Szentezsky and program consultant Kim Gibson of OMDC - Ontario Media Development Corporation who explained the lengthy process regarding grants for book publishers, TV, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industry. 

Last session of the conference for me was VR is the New Frontier Future of Gaming.  Virtual Reality Sasa Marinkovic 28 year veteran who patented Power X press found in many notebooks.  He is a global and regional HEAD of VR Software marketing at Radeon Tech at AMD which is a 47 year old company called Advanced Micro Devices, that develops computer processors for business consumer markets with mother board chip sets and microprocessors.  They are the 2nd largest supplier and only significant rival is INTEL. Along with Sasa was Henry Faber from Gamma Space a collaborative studio in T.O showcasing power of VR and future of gaming, where designers come together at the non profit arts org. To work and play. Henry enlightened us on the future of VR in music and video games. Ryerson University Associate Professor Richard Lachnan a director of Transmission Zone commentated...a very funny man.  65th Mayor of T.O the honorable John Tory made a visit discussing the importance of music in Toronto and how he wishes to bring music back, to make it a hub and  reviving scene once again. 

June 15th was DAY 3 and musically it brought me to a very popular concert venue, Virgin Mobility MOD CLUB for 2 fantastic acts.  Openers were a huge surprise and from Toronto.  FERRARO a band of brothers and 1 cousin, that carry a vast amount of knowledge and talent & are linked to famous Toronto icon, Cosmo Ferraro from The Cameron House (establishment known as a music hub).  Gianni Ferraro - Drums/Vocals, Tally Ferraro - Bass/Vocals, Cosmo Ferraro - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals and Tom Ferraro - Lead Guitar/Vocals, blazed the stage and impressed the full house Mod Club with their originals resembling the 50s 60s Beatles era. Their meat and potato musical staples left us charged and  "Losing Sleep" now as we were raring to go all night.  FERRARO
They opened for Welsh alternative rock band veterans "The Joy Formidable" who were a raw & energetic trio totally invested & full of excitement, at this their "HITCH" CD release event.  Genuine intensity flowed freely thru this 21st century emotional performance.  Fans rushed the stage as these stars filled the room with loud addictive guitar and hard heavy with flashing strobes and lazers and smoke including the Gibraltar Gong.  Truly impressed by Rydian Dafydd on bass & Rhiannan Ritzy Bryan on lead vocals and guitar and master of all things percussion Matt Thomas.  Soaring to great heights with their music on soundtrack for TWILIGHT Breaking Dawn leaving us memorized and Influenced with "The Last Thing On My Mind" was for them to keep to Rock n Rolling all night long. 
"Pitch Perfect” co-stars and soon-to-be wed couple, Skylar Astin and Anna Camp joined Courtyard Hotels at the Toronto music festival NXNE. The two made an appearance at Courtyard’s Barcade prior to judging an A Cappella competition on the main stage of the festival where the winning group The Rainbows won a $1,000 Courtyard gift card. The music competition was followed by a screening of “Pitch Perfect”.   

Actress Anna Camp and actor Skylar Astin who starred together in Pitch Perfect played at Courtyard Hotel's North by Northeast Festival Barcade on Thursday, June 16, 2016, in Toronto, Canada. (Dale Wilcox/AP Images for Courtyard by Marriott). 
Actress Anna Camp and actor Skylar Astin who starred together in Pitch Perfect talk on stage at Courtyard Hotel's North by Northeast Festival Barcade on Thursday, June 16, 2016, in Toronto, Canada. (Dale Wilcox/AP Images for Courtyard by Marriott
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT - Actress Anna Camp and actor Skylar Astin who starred together in Pitch Perfect arrive at Courtyard Hotel's North by Northeast Festival Barcade on Thursday, June 16, 2016, in Toronto, Canada. (Dale Wilcox/AP Images for Courtyard by Marriott)
IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT - Actress Anna Camp and actor Skylar Astin who starred together in Pitch Perfect arrive at Courtyard Hotel's North by Northeast Festival Barcade on Thursday, June 16, 2016, in Toronto, Canada. (Dale Wilcox/AP Images for Courtyard by Marriott. The music competition and movie screening took place on the main stage of Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square during NXNE, in a competition inspired by the film “Pitch Perfect,” as three Canadian groups compete to be deemed “NXNE A cappella Champions.” Camp and Astin will serve as the competition judges and then will introduce the film to the festival goers..
The experience was all provided by Courtyard, “the Official Hotel Partner of NXNE,” as the hotel brand brings its Courtyard @ mobile experience to NXNE. Throughout the three-day festival, fans enjoyed the brand’s “Barcade” where they can compete for exclusive prizes or relax in “The Bistro Beer Garden”.

NFL star Sammy Watkins (Buffalo) was also on-site on Friday, June 17.
 Thursday 6/16  Courtyard @ Barcade appearance was at 3PM – 4PM A cappella Competition: 7:30PM – 9PM winners The Rainbows.

Movie Screening was 9PM – 11PM and event was free to the public.

June 16th was Day 4 I attended the beautiful RIVOLI for dinner and into the concert room out back to catch shots of Thornhill's  Midday Swim.  Their refreshing "Summer Eyes" took you on a refreshing pop sound journey to the cottage, without a care in the world.  This 5 piece consisting of David Krygier Baum on vocals and guitar, Stephen Ermel keys and vocals, Sebastian Shine on guitar and vocals with Craig Sultz on bass/vocals and Max Trefler on drums have quickly rose the musical success ladder, finding a comfy spot on board some of Ontario's largest festivals as their name us being recognized in today's main stream
June 17th was Day 5 
I had the distinct pleasure to capture some behind stage shots while NQ Arbuckle were show casing to a fully jammed and sold out room at Horseshoe Tavern with fans as far away as Montreal.  Feel Free to visit
They rocked their indie distinctive countrified/celtic/rocky/blues sound with traditional foot stomping diddies. Their plain and simple crowd pleasing genius, we got "Back To Earth" with some "Red Wine" with a "Hot Shot" of "I Liked You Right From The Start" however, I was sad they didn't perform my fave "Song for Deborah". The festival strove forwarded Saturday June 18th and Sunday June 19th all in all my 5 day Wire and NXNE adventures were an honor and I got to see VIP style, the world's most influencing leaders, artists, musicians & gaming creators.  I enjoyed every beat of this BACK TO THE FUTURE NXNE 2016.  Cheers to the 23rd festival 2017.

by Contributor Deb Draper



"Dream Into Action" occurred for this Wire Megazine photojournalist on May 26th at OLG Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. Howard Jones has defined techo/new wave/electronica for 3 decades and is breaking new ground and still going strong. Howard has been going back into the vaults and remastering his greatest hits to introduce those songs to all generations.  Start to finish this 90 minute show was brilliant and a flash back in time as the stage was filled with colorful fluorescents, that lit up with every techo, addictive Hojo beat we love. One minute I was 13 and now 45+ yet I still adore Howard Jones music; however, in more of a personal way, as I wasn't just a fan at this show.  I was granted permission to shoot photos at stage level at Woodbine OLG and got to meet him after the show.  Gentle and shy off stage; yet, under the bright lights with headset mic and keyboard within reach, Howard's persona exploded full of passionate energy.  It was magical to observe his superb showmanship.  He engaged the audience and incorporated them into his show.  Hearing Hojo fans (80s teens now adults), singing word for word, loud and proud as HJ continued to play, letting us sing his lyrics back to him, totally PRICELESS!  Old and new songs were filled with philosophy, creating an inner peace, giving fans confidence and encouraging us to express our feelings. This show brought a back to the future feel incorporating the future of technology and the past lyrics together with present day story telling, giving a totally uplifting experience.  His musical genius was fully fueled with surges of nostalgia featuring world renowned drummer Jonathan Atkinson and keyboardist/producer Robbie Bronnimann, proving futuristic longevity. High energy expelled as Howard bounced from keyboard to sequencer to KORG Key-Tar.  This magnificent 61 year young superstar was rejuvenating in rare form,  full of organic new elements.  His favorite recorded song "Hide and Seek" was perfection same with "Like To Get To Know You Well" and "Life in One Day", he's still got it vocally, holding those high notes effortlessly.  Goosebumps were reactivate as he brought "No One Is To Blame" into his set, once again hearing the audience singing above Howard throughout the entire song.  Fanfreakintastic rendition of "What Is Love?"  Showing he has no signs of ever slowing down, as he introduced 2 NEW originals "Joy", "The Human Touch" from his most recent and ambitious project "ENGAGE", which is a 4 part quadrilogy adventure.  It is a multi-media interactive APP for your smart phones, once uploaded and active at a live Hojo show, Howard can trigger a signal to the cells and activate a visual sequence that mirrors what is being sung on stage. These 2 new pieces reconnected me to the past where "Humans Lib" & "Dream Into Action" left off, and he wasn't done yet.  Introducing yet another original,  "The Eagle Will Fly Again" from the soundtrack "Fly" from the movie "Eddie the Eagle": based on Eddie Edwards, Britain's 1st Olympic sky jumper.  Simply awe-inspiring.  This Gold & Double Platinum master of Synthology has never been idle with 15 top 40 hits and over 8 million albums sold, 25 albums (live, EPs, CDs, remastered works) solidifying his musical legacy into music history. Grabbing my attention with his Encore choices, 1st his 83 release "New Song", followed by a standing ovation and chants of Howard, we love you, bringing the trio out for a 2nd song encore finale with an unexpected surprise. His huge hit "Things Can Only Get Better" (now a Landis Remix in 2013) by Cedric Gervais & HJ, climbed up the billboard dance charts then in the 80s and in 2013 for an impressive 14 weeks, & they projected this remix giving a new musical twist leaving the audience thirsty and thoroughly impressed check this out
HJ has embarked on his longest ever North America Tour yet; with Barenaked Ladies with O.M.D (Orchestral Maneuvers in The Dark), and Australian tour with Kim Wilde, Feb. 2017 an all 80s cruise & his solo tours. "Bounce Right Back" Howard Jones has!
visit  Also, stay in touch with there is lots to see & do.

Photo at top + review by Deb Draper The Wire Megazine Contributor
Photo with me by Kevin Bunting OLG Associate Manager, Entertainment & Production