St Patrick's GALA Salute to the Junos MAPLES FOR VIMY

Inside the April edition of The Wire Megazine's Seeing Shows column will feature 
and so much more, a review of the St Patrick's GALA Salute to the Junos MAPLES FOR VIMY that is creating "Living Memorials of Honour" through the planting of 500 Maple trees on Vimy Ridge and surrounding communities in France. 
This is super special in my heart and in my soul, as my Great Uncle Ivan Conway served in the War there and I know many great Veteran friends of mine that I met during my time in office as Public Relations Officer at The Royal Canadian Legion, like Bob (Robert) Thornton RIP.  I am honored to represent them when I attend this special event !

 Maples For Vimy was founded in 2011, as a new way to honour the Canadian sacrifices of Vimy Ridge, by planting living memorials to honour our Canadian military men and women of the past, present and future. Now recognized by the Canadian and French governments, the cause has been acknowledged and supported internationally, as it continues to raise funds to defray the costs of research, growing, shipping, planting and three-year warranty coverage of these welcome new symbols of Canada’s Remembrance.  Is an ALL AGES and Wheel Chair Accessible event.


Legacy of Vimy Ridge
The 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge gives Canadians a chance to Remember and reflect on the importance of Vimy Ridge in the history of Canada, and to the Legacy of Honour and Courage that our country tries to maintain.  Many people in Canada know this is important but are not really sure what happened at Vimy and the significance it had on our country and The Great War, World War One.
Canadian troops had always fought under British command as “colonial forces”   and in many cases were treated as “cannon fodder” to help draw fire away from a British attack or to absorb the initial fire from German trenches. 
On April 9, 1917 a Canadian commander was given the chance to lead the 
Canadian Expeditionary Force to assault this difficult defensive position.  
The British and French armies had failed repeatedly to take Vimy Ridge 
and it was an opportunity for Sir Arthur Currie to take charge of Canadian 
forces and to introduce several new battlefield tactics.  He trained and 
prepared over 100,000 troops for this mission, and some of the new tactics
 that he introduced are still in use today.  Canadian troops with British 
artillery ruled the day and most objectives were captured on the first day of 
fighting.  It was the first time that all four Canadian Divisions 
attacked together under Canadian leadership and proved the legitimacy of 
the Canadian Expeditionary Force.The details of the battle are filled with 
heroic acts of bravery and sacrifice and at the end of the battle over 
10,000 Canadians had died to conquer this obstacle. The largest war 
monument to Canadian soldiers was built on this site after the war.
Vimy Ridge marked a change in the way Canada was viewed around 
the world and within Canada.  Famous quotes from that era declared 
“For the Canadian troops who fought at Vimy, it was one of those rare 
moments of truth – for the first time they recognized who they 
were. They went up the ridge regionals and came down nationals.
There was now a feeling that Canada was a great nation, in charge 
of its own destiny.  Canada now had a reputation for bravery and 
toughness, the ability to get the job done even when it was difficult.  
It showed that all parts of Canada had come together, soldiers from 
every province and territory, English and French, Natives and Metis, 
east and west.  It was now a whole country with a new national 
Approximately 4,000 Canadian Aboriginals left their homes and families
to help fight an international war that raged in Europe. One in three, was
the proportion of able-bodied Canadian Indian men, of age to serve,
who enlisted during the First World War. Many Natives lived in isolated
areas of the country and the war was beyond anything they could
have imagined.

The Maples for Vimy project:

The main Vimy Ridge Centennial Living Memorials of Honour in France will see up to 100 
Scouts, Cadets and Leaders travel to France to plant 500 premium quality maple trees on 
Vimy Ridge and the communities surrounding the Canadian National Vimy Memorial. The
 trees will be arranged into “Living Memorials of Honour™” representing each of the four (4)
 Divisions in the Canadian Corps, and one (1) representing the units attached to the 
Canadian Corps.  The trees are a variety of Maple trees that represent the diverse society 
and culture of Canada. Red (acer ruburm Fairview Flame') and Silver Maples 
(acer saccharinum 'pyramidale') represent the original trees and peoples of Canada. The 
Regal Petticoat Maple (acer pseudoplatanus 'tunpetti'), a Canadian cultivar of the Sycamore 
Maple whose ancestry from hundreds of years ago lies in Europe and Asia, represents those 
who came to Canada and created something new. The mix of species represents the cultural 
mosaic which makes up our country.The trees will be planted on sites that are identified as 
having been the areas where the Canadians under the
leadership of General Sir Arthur Currie were deployed while leading up to the battle as well 
as the actual battle grounds.
In France, the local municipal and forestry officials have approved the program (documents 
available on request) and are already making preparations to receive the Canadian Scouts 
and First Nation’s Cadets.


The trees are already being grown in France by two of France's leading plant propagators 
Andre Briant Jeunes Plantes (propagator) and Pepiniere Jean Huchet (finisher). The tree 
planting will follow the highly successful methodology developed in London Ontario by the 
Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Program, and Tunpetti Corp for community based 
planting projects.

The sites will be prepared by professional volunteers from horticulture companies in the 
area and the trees moved into place. The Scouts, Guides and First Nation’s Cadets from
Canada along with their French
counterparts will then complete the planting process. The 
Volunteers are experienced community tree planters who have taken part in a number of 
tree planting projects such as the VMP Community Program or the Scoutrees program in 

Legacy of Vimy Ridge:
The 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge gives Canadians a chance to 
remember and reflect on the importance of Vimy Ridge in the history of Canada, and
 to the Legacy of Honour and Courage that our country tries to maintain. Many people 
in Canada know this is important but are not really sure what happened at Vimy and 
the significance it had on our country and The Great War, World War One.

Through the Battle of Vimy Ridge there was a feeling that Canada was a great nation, 
in charge of its own destiny. Canada developed a reputation for bravery and toughness, 
the ability to get the job done even when it was difficult. It showed that all parts of Canada 
had come together, soldiers from every province and territory, English and French, 
Natives and Metis, east and west. It was now a whole country with a new national identity.

March 17th Maples for Vimy features 
special guests:
Singer/songwriter/musician-The Bowiesque Esther Widmann of
Rock n Roll Legendary Photographer John Rowlands of
JUNO awarded Myles Goodwyn (April Wine),
RPM WINNER Catherine McKinnon, and
Graham Lear (Santana, Gino Vanelli, Paul Anka),
Dale Russel (The Guess Who),
Oliver Whitehead,
Gary Martin (Funk Brothers),
Jessie Grandmont,
Laura Gagnon,
stage band MISTER E,
original Team Canada 72' members,
Universe featuring Ray,
Country sensation Adam Cousins
IRISH dancers/singers/musicians from London Irish Folk Club, Silent Auction,
Exhibits by:
The First Hussers (1H),
The Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) 427 Squadron RCAF Association with their full sized model of the WW1,
famous Sopwith Camel,
Team Canada '72,
Remember November 11th Association + The Guides and Scouts of Canada and so much more.

Hurry don't delay, get your $30 tickets today 
at (Maples for Vimy Fundraiser Gala), support
this honorable and worthwhile cause to always remember the 660,000+ Canadians who sacrificed their lives for the 
'GREAT WAR'  The Battle of  Vimy Ridge in 1917 which was Canada's "Coming of Age"  The Heritage will be REMEMBERED at Vimy Ridge thru living memorials of HONOUR.  In honour of the 100th Anniversary of The Battle of Vimy Ridge, become an active participant by sponsoring "Maples for Vimy" 

$30 at (Maples for Vimy Fundraiser Gala)


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Tour Dates Are Selling Out
Link to “1983” single artwork: || Still from “1983” video
"a beloved staple in the folk music scene across Canada known for humour and thoughtful lyrics.” - CityNews
“an extravagant "bowienne" ballad peppered with Workman's characteristic touch of madness…” - Rolling Stone France (“Stoners Never Dream”)
(March 1, 2019 – Toronto, ON) – Award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hawksley Workman releases his 16th studio album Median Age Wasteland today, available for streaming and purchase on all DSPs HERE, vinyl and CD HERE. To celebrate release day, Workman visits CBC’s q this morning to chat about his new album and perform three songs, including “1983” for which he shares a brand new video HERE, filmed in Australia.
Produced by The Dears frontman and creative genius, Murray Lightburn, Median Age Wasteland returns with Hawksley's hooky yet innovative melodic approach, authentic songwriting, and good old-fashioned, unedited musicianship on full display. “1983” premiered on national radio via The Strombo Show, with George proclaiming that “Hawksley is a veteran Canadian musician who always feels like a new artist to me. Hawksley puts a record out and it has this intensity, it has this timeliness. He’s very special...he’s truly one of the greats, this country has been lucky enough to call its own.”
Hawksley reveals, “This album is beautifully sentimental. I have a unique perspective on the world that comes from the person I think I am and the person I actually am, and I wanted to explore the latter. There’s a lot of looking back at being a kid and more innocent times.”
The modern day troubadour wrote and recorded his latest LP following a recent move from Northern Ontario to Montreal. This time around, collaborating closely with Murray in studios throughout his new home of Montreal, there’s no lipstick, literal or figurative – just the purity of loving, loathing, and living. With Median Age Wasteland he’s leading listeners through the figurative looking glass for as clear an image of his true self as we’ve ever been allowed.
“I’ve always had this constant hunger to innovate, reevaluate what I do, and keep remaking it to confuse myself and maybe confuse my audience,” Hawksley admits. “This time, I’m just committing to writing focused and honest songs, which feels like the most interesting thing I can do right now.”
Watch his latest music videos:
“Stoners Never Dream” HERE
“Lazy” HERE
“Battlefords” HERE
“Stoners Never Dream” made Darryl Sterdan’s list of 13 Great New Tracks to Discover Right Now. “Hawksley Workman has never been a guy who’s lost for words,” Darryl announces. “But lately, the prolific singer-guitarist seems to be outdoing himself in the snappy patter department.”

“Lazy” was featured on Alan Cross’ Songs You Need to Hear This Week and has reached nearly 80,000 views on YouTube. “Battlefords” rocketed on the CBC Music Top 20 chart for 14 weeks, landing at #8.
Median Age Wasteland Tracklist
1.     Birds in Train Stations
2.     Lazy
3.     Battlefords
4.     Italy
5.     1983
6.     To Receive
7.     Skinny Wolf
8.     Song of Summer
9.     Oksana
10.   Stoners Never Dream
11.   Snowmobile
Tour dates have been begun to sell out, and include a special appearance with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra on April 13. More information will be announced as it becomes available. For the social media inclined, Hawksley manages to maintain an imaginative intimacy among his 40,000 followers.
2019 Tour Dates
Apr 13 - Calgary (with Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra) - Jack Singer Concert Hall Tickets
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Link to hi-res album cover:
Link to colour press photo: | Photo credit: Dustin Rabin
About Hawksley Workman
A staple of the Canadian arts scene for over 20 years, Workman boasts a catalogue of 15 solo releases showcasing his now signature blend of anthemic folk and cabaret pop with show-stopping vocals and sonic textures ranging from subtle electronica to blazing rock. The accolades amassed include JUNO nods and wins and widespread critical acclaim.  As a producer, his fingerprints grace releases by JUNO and Polaris Prize nominees and winners like Tegan and Sara, Sarah Slean, Serena Ryder, Hey Rosetta!, and Great Big Sea. He’s also penned melodies with a myriad of artists, from Oscar award winning Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose, Inception) to French rock icon Johnny Hallyday. Hawksley’s touring career has seen him play nearly a thousand shows worldwide. He’s headlined prestigious venues like Massey Hall in Toronto and The Olympia in Paris.
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