Route69 Productions Presents the 7th Annual TOYS FOR TOTS 2018

December 7th marked the 7th Annual Toys For Tots, where toys were collected & dropped off at OPP 51 Division Sat. Dec. 15th thanks to Ziggy, all for the less fortunate, in hopes of providing children a fantastic Christmas.  
Once again Jane Swierkot (Rocker Jane) raised a whopping $277 working her magic as Miss Santa, posing for personal selfies with patrons for $2/pose.  All her proceeds went to purchase gift cards for teenagers to go along with the mountain of toys.

This event had a stellar lineup thanks once again to John & Heather of ROUTE69 PRODUCTIONSJake Disman, worked his usual magic making the acts sound outstanding, surely rockin the roof off The Rockpile.   Black9 proved to be a rousing showcase of throbbing melodies with an expansive tred, seeping right inside your brain Haunting us into a Fury with their Cruel History.  Totally was a Ride 4 Me thru their Dark of the Night.  Showing that we are all Friends in this rock n roll realm, Nothing to Hold us back from our dreams & to warn us of the Wrong Place this music world can take us too.  They gave a stern warming as well, to Stop Draggin My Heart Around.  Stay in tune at 

Trigger Sindrome was Groovin like a Symptom of Society with their indulgent sound encompassing a wide variety of genres.  Each time you enjoy their show, it’s never the same, with every subsequent listen, it's like seeing them for the very first time, every time.   They are a very layered, well rounded power trio with finely calibrated guitar-based tunes that leave you inspired & in the rock n roll frame of mind, always sonic.  Their hits D.A.M.M & I Am have great depth & strength, a right Back In Your Face kinda sound.  They never cease to amaze, gifting us with new tunes like What You Did To Me,  allowing bassist Greg Samms to experience his vocal debut.  Though 1 of the newest kids on the rock block, they are picking up speed & increasing legions of fans along the way.  What an empowering sense, a New God in the making if you will. Trip on by 

Demolition Rage is a dynamic energy!  Kicking off their set while Adjusting The Pain that was Growing Deep Inside us, proving their hard & heavily rhythmic metal sound is so unique it brings on a Two Faced Smile, letting fans Take It Standing Up.  Cast Iron Bitch, Crystal Drink were my faves from their showcase.  Filled with Fab's skillfully executed guitar, Kevin's thumpin and pumpin acrobatic bass manuevres, blending nicely with the hard hitting stick skills of drummer Cam.  Twas a stellar showcase that got to feature DR’s newest addition, the accomplished & enigmatic extreme metal vocalist, Chris Bennett. Their sublime sound is racked full of complexity that chased off any of our Jack of Shadows.  Best performance to date.  Power up with DR, as 2019 brings phenomenal adventures with recording a 3rd album with videos & so much more.  Get onboard for a mind-blowing return to the Rockpile in March, so stay in tune at

Maximum Overdrive is Canada’s #1 world class Tribute to ACDC.  They mounted the stage propelling hit after ACDC hit within the Bon Scott era, engaging their turbo charged fans with a bonafide rockin’ great time.  Fans surrounded the Rockpile stage with horns held high in the air with tons of thrashing hair, singing loud & proud.  They transporting you back in time with A Whole Lotta Rosie driving us down the Highway To Hell proving that this thang called Rock n Roll will never die but,
 It’s A Long Way To The Top.

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