Legendary Music Biz Photographer John Rowlands captivates with stories behind his iconic photos from the last 60 years!

For 6 decades, Oshawa born photographer, John Rowlands, has been one of the best-kept secrets in the music business.  Over the years he has been commissioned to take photos of popular music personalities and other celebrities, by their record labels, management or the press.  Rowlands has traveled the world and accomplished things many photographers could only dream of. Through it all he has amassed a unique collection of negatives, slides and digital files all the while becoming known as a Photographer to the Stars.   It began in Ottawa on September 26, 1960, when Rowlands’ ‘hobby’ turned into a ‘career’ in the blink of an eye and the zap of a flash bulb!  At 13, he’d bought a ticket to popular singer Brenda Lee’s touring road show, and knew as a fan, that the only chance he’d have in taking her home was on the film in his camera. Shooting a full roll of film of the show, he met her, chatted with her backstage, carried her suitcase to her station wagon, and got an autograph, her address in Nashville and a kiss on the cheek!  Without knowing it, his life changed on that day. Two weeks later after mailing the snapshots to Nashville, he received a call from her manager who requested the negatives.  John forwarded them. Three weeks later the mail contained his first photographic pay cheque of $35.  Soon, thereafter, he was photographing Sam Cooke.  As time passed the offers became more frequent and contained substantial increases in compensation. By 1963 Rowlands was known by several working editors of International fan magazines.  SIXTEEN magazine, in New York City, had become his first steady account.  By the eleventh grade, he was earning $80 an 8×10 and banked more than $10,000.  At sixteen he approached Capitol Records who had just signed an Ottawa band, The Esquires, and showed them photos he’d done of them before they signed with the label.  This venture brought forth a career shift and a key to the door of the record industry was at hand!  The rest they say is MUSIC HISTORY.  
 November 16th, 2017, was inspirational filled with magic.  Engaging music fans, creating a one-of-a-kind night to remember.  
 Legendary John Rowlands with lifelong friend and music industry's Michael Watson, brought John's up close and personal 
ROCK & ROLL MEMORIES - live and interactive slideshow 
presentation to Toronto's Balmy Beach Club at 360 Lake Front Street.  John Rowlands shared his photo collections with several hundred eager fans in the full house audience while narrating the stories behind these music legends, spanning almost 60 years.  I had the honor to view first hand and attempt to capture this icon's essence live.  Here is a short list of entertainers that Rowlands has had in his viewfinder:  David Bowie, Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Slash, Alice Cooper, Sting, Michael Jackson, KISS, Willie Nelson, Dylan & Springsteen, just to name a few.  
                              that John included in his photographic slide show November 16th. His website can embellish those mentioned & many many more, stop in for a visit at:                                         


To Book a special evening of magical Rock N Roll Memories with John Rowlands, you can reach him online at http://www.rocknrowlands.com/contact-speaking 

I wish to thank the amazing John Rowlands, Michael Watson, Catherine Doyle, Terry Mason and The Balmy Beach Club for a fantastic evening of top quality entertainment and  hospitality.

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