REVIEW: NOTORIOUS (DD Tribute) Michael Williams (Much Music) & SPOONS

at Spot 1 Music Hall Saturday Sept. 24th, 2016

I remember that moment, that Iconic moment that changed the face of Music TV today.  August 31, 1984, under the ownership of CHUM Limited, MUCH MUSIC 1st aired as one of the country's first ever specialty channels saying,
"Welcome to MuchMusic. Coming up we have brand new videos by Duran Duran, Howard Jones and the Spoons."   A new era was launched with those words a different kind of household word...PAST MEMBERS included: Rob Preuss, Derrick Ross, Brett Wickens, Peter Shepherd, Scott MacDonald, Steve Sweeney, Colin Cripps 
and my friend Steve Kendry.

Some 32 years later, the SPOONS hit Spot 1 Music Hall. in Brampton at 289 Rutherford Road, for a sold out show, on September 24th, bringing along former Much Music VJ to MC this up close and personal, last of it's kind smaller SPOONS performance. This was much more than music with the voice of the 80's, hilarious MC VJ Michael Williams. It was like you stepped into a time machine, time stood still!  It was awesome to hear and feel the most incredible era once again!!  Where I felt not only younger but, felt at ease.  Remembering a much simpler time in my life, so it was incredible to be teleported back in time.

       Michael Williams and Much Music in the 80's.

Michael Williams is a Canadian television personality who was best known for his work as a VJ at Much Music from 1984 to 1993, was part of Much Music's core opening team of VJ's, where Williams hosted various shows including Soul in the City, Rap City, Electric Circus, Pepsi Power Hour and The New Music.  Recently a radio personality in Hamilton as host of the program College of Musical Knowledge on Wave 94.7.  

Michael's previous radio work included Montreal's CHOM FM and CKJM-AM, and in Toronto at CHUM-FM. Williams also owns Black Rose Recording Studios in Toronto and since January 2003, he has been teaching. Williams also works as an occasional fill-in host on NEWSTALK 1010in Toronto. Williams is a regular on-air contributor to CTV New's entertainment segment "Noteworthy"

ALEX TARCZY as Andy Taylor                  STEVE VAN TELEHUS as John Taylor 

TREV PAGE as Nick Rhodes

SERGE SAVOIE as Roger Taylor  

GARY SMITH as Simon Le Bon
Duran Duran Tribute act Notorious opened the show and set the tone for this explosive night of  80's retro.  They performed Duran Duran hits that are still club favs and staples to this very day like Wild Boys, Hungry Like the Wolf, Girls on Film and Relex, just to name a few.
Tune into 

Original founding members, Gord Deppe and Sandy Horne and their new SPOONS Casey MQ and Chris McNeill effortlessly mounted centre stage with an impressive set of their hits like Arias and Symphonies, Old Emotions, Waterline, Red Light, Romantic Traffic, Bridges Over Boarders, Tell No Lies plus the original & the endlessly-playable
NEW 2016 dubbed techno club version 
of Nova Heart.  An emotional evening of memories made, surely not to be forgotten.  
Both acts put on a fanfreakingtastic
Night of 80's magic, thanks for allowing this lady from the 80's to cut loose and get a wee bit 
C R A Z Y!!

Truly rejuvenating like I placed my finger on the pause button, as the SPOONS sounded like 
they did 37 years ago

Defining the sound of pop and New Wave then and now with the 80's resurgence, and an impressive 15 albums under their belt, new songs are arising and with the 30th Anniversary of Bridges Over Boarders approaching, lord only knows what the SPOONS will surprise their fans with next.   

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Catch one of Sandy's musical projects with Shannon Thunderbird at

I would like to thank my partner Kevin Brazolot for attending events with me and for getting me to show and for carrying my cameras, for taking shots and vids, YOU ROCK!!  
                                     SANDY HORNE, KEVIN & GORD DEPPE SEPT 24.
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The link below shows photos and videos taken by Kevin Brazolot, thanks babe.

BY volunteer contributor & photojournalist Deb Draper


September 13th, 2016
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Steven Tyler had an explosive summer with an impressive 19 city North American tour entitled 
Out on a Limb.  September 13th was a sold out concert filled with an all aged crowd excited to catch a glimpse of American singer/song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, former TV music judge and the 'Demon of Screamin!'

  Steven pointing out Ronnie Hawkins
 This Aerosmith legendary front-man, brought his solo rocking country show to the Sony Center for the Performing Arts in Toronto, backed by Nashville's Loving Mary, for his last show on this leg of the tour-which will resume once again in January 2017.  What an outstanding (no pun) performance!  Approximately 3,100 fans including the Legendary Ronnie Hawkins were in attendance, as they all stood thru the entire 2.5 hour show, a perfect setting for 
Steven Tyler & his live & interactive country rock show.

I enjoyed this immensely, as I was one of 5 media sources chosen to cover
 the event and capture the multi-award winning artist.   
 I have passionately followed Aerosmith all my life, and I truly enjoyed this show just as much as my 1st Aerosmith concert back in June 1989, if not more.     

His mix of rocking country was genius, 
and to prove that statement, his 1st solo album "We're All Somebody from Somewhere" has reached No. #1 on the Billboard Top Country Album Chart, which is picking up momentum and has sold over 17, 000 copies in the 1st week ending July 21st.  

This show was nothing short of spectacular filled with humour and was a unique blend of countrified Aerosmith hits, covers and originals released and yet to be released.  

One of the highlights outside of taken photos with hands just a shaking,
 was listening to Steven’s rendition of Janis Joplin’s
"Piece of My Heart." and to witness his wide range of vocals especially the constant use of his signature falsetto, bringing tears to my eyes, he still sounded familiar, with the same raspy voice with that trade-mark tenor scream, just like I put my finger on the pause button. Producing high notes requires a very finely coordinated stretching of the vocal cords.  The vocal cord edges must also be straight for the note to sound clear.  So considering Steven underwent throat surgery 10 years ago on 2006,  his vocals are still strong, clear and precise at 68 years young, 
sounding like he did 46 years ago.  

  It was awesome to see him carry the same swagger, and fabulous stage presence that once attracted me to him when I was a teen.  Glad to see he hasn’t lost his incredible entertainer charisma and is still sporting his iconic signature colored scarfs adorning his mic stand.   It was magical to see the sea of satisfied smiles from legions of fans as they cheered while  
Loving Mary band totally kicked ass!!  
Steven Tyler belted out his hits, honked on bobo (harmonica), strummed the ukulele and strutted his well toned slender frame, like it was yesteryear.  

Tyler stated, 
"It would be that I opened the door to country being allowed to rock a little bit more.  As you know, no great story ever started with 'I had a salad last night.   
 It is sex, drugs 
and rock n roll." 
 Performance was top notch, emotional, genuine, sharp edged, raw and real and mouth watering like a T-bone steak.  It was juicy, hearty and meaty, just what I anticipated off his performance menu of Aerosmith hits like Sweet Emotion, Cryin, Jaded, Dream On with Steven on piano, Walk This Way and covers I'm Down & Come Together by The Beatles, even a taste of Led Zepplin's 
Whole Lotta Luv mingled in.
The smooth Train Kept A Rollin (song by Tiny Bradshaw) was a perfect song to include as it depicted Steven Tyler’s career.  The audience went nuts as they rocked Rattlesnake Shake.  I really adored his new songs like the love of a good woman-American pride song Red White and You, Make My Own Sunshine, We're All Somebody From Somewhere 
& my favorite-Love Is Your Name

SURPRISE of the night for fans was when Steven announced, "This song was a hit and still is a hit" further surprising band mate and Mississauga born Suzie McNeil, as he asked her to sing her song Believe a 2010 Canadian Olympic Team Anthem, as Steven harmonized through the piece.

Loving Mary's- Marti Fredericksen, Rebecca Howard, Suzie McNeil, Elisha Hoffman, Andrew Mac Taggart, Sarah Tomek gave Steven a re-issue 1962 Paul McCarty bass as an appreciation token.

 Tyler and Loving Mary didn't disappoint with an Encore set featuring his It Ain't Easy which is the 2nd song from his new album and then a countrified version of his Janie's Got a Gun.
"Country as I See It"- Steven Tyler has no intention of being anything other then himself and that echoed the entire night, you obviously cannot take the rock n roll out of Steven Tyler's soul.  His traditional high octane, supreme energy, sexy and excitable stage moves, incredible vocal ranges sure proved that this smooth hard rockin dude gone country boy, isn’t going anywhere but up the charts and into the hearts of a new and younger generation of fans, that will get to experience what we baby boomers adore about Steven Tyler.  
Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Hop on board the Steven Tyler  train for a real musical thrill ride that will be roaring thru a city nearest you in 2017

 Steven Tyler has launched a program Janie's Fund
 which is in support of abused and neglected  young females, a cause dear to my heart, as I was an abused female most of my life.
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