Staying in Tune with 
Brampton punk artists Andy Butler, Ryan Von Dutch, Mark Snoek & Steve Rutter known as The 905's mounted the stage entertaining the audience with sheer power pop punk Teenage Head style.
Brampton's punk celebrities-Romeo Liquor Store who kicked it with a 90s Treble Charger kinda sound, including their first single off our debut 2006 full length album "Switchblade,"  (did you know they played the highly regarded CBGB’s in New York City)?  Promoter extraordinaire Wolfie Joe Pinto states, "they cut their first CD about 10 years ago.  Every tune is great, a very New York garage rock punk sound, great vocals."
  This Spot 1 Live (Grill and Music Hall) event showcased combustible combinations of punk & rock 'n' oll & took me back in time, to a simpler less stressful period & soothed my savaged soul.
It was 1 stellar, real and raw deep powerful creation, mixed with aggressive attitude and enthusiasm-just what I was hoping for @ my 1st ever FR show.  Punk/metal music has been a way of life for me, therefore, from start to finish it brought the traditional vigorous energetic punk complete with a mosh slam dancing pit, as if the pause button was stuck on for the last 40 years.
The Forgotten Rebels are the most famous & longest surviving (never broke up) original PUNK rock band from the 1st wave. It all started in 1977 with a 4 song EP "Tomorrow Belongs To Us" which garnered the Forgotten Rebels attention and some critical acclaim, this EP now sells for a whopping $150-$200, is regarded around the world as one of the finest Punk-rock records ever made.  The Forgotten Rebels have toured/played with The Clash, The Ramones, Sir Iggy Pop, The Cramps just to list a few and have not sat still or  looked back.  The first full length album was released in 1979 entitled "In Love with the System" and solidified there position forever in the "Punk Hall of fame" "Bomb the Boats and Elvis is Dead" were to take the band on a ride that would last a life time as the founding members of punk rock. This album also contained the Rebels signature party anthem song "Surfin on Heroin" which is without a doubt one of the best known punk party songs in history.  Forgotten Rebels brought a scorching intensity with singer, founding member and frontman extraordinaire Mickey DeSadist 
setting the stage a blaze, captivating the full house with distinction, flare and humour.  Impressive and as addictive as their albums are, this crew nailed it! Along with Mickey he had his FR veterans of 27 years Jeff Campbell on guitar,
16 year Shawn Maher on bass
and the kick ass NEWEST member of 12 years, Dan Casale on drums.
They charged thru all their hits from 13 albums/EP’S like In Love With the System, Punks Are Alright, Rich and Bored,  Rocky Horror, Left My Heart in Iran, I Am King to yp name a few and finishing off with Fuck Me Dead and Surfing On Heroin.  They appear next at a home town show in Hamilton’s iconic This Aint Hollywood bar December 10th, with The Noble Savages 9pm call (289) 396-3911 for more deets, stay in tune at

Merry Christmas Y'all next blog will be Dec 11ith CRUED Christmas Toys for Tots stay tuned!!!

By Multi Award winning Photographer
Accredited Journalist
D.  Draper
Photo by: My mentor & friend in 2015, Legendary Photographer - Rock & Rowlands John R. Rowlands .


The Weber Brothers
Once upon a time, in a faraway land, magical musical history began.  From simple humble beginnings in Baltimore, MD USA, 8 year old Sam Weber received his first guitar at Christmas, and 10 year old brother Ryan soon learned the bass guitar. 
Who would have known then that these 2 brothers would change the face of music today?   In High school they played in 2 bands: Illegal Alien and Northern Lights and after high school graduation, they traveled to Nashville, Memphis and even as far away as Amsterdam.  They sent a demo tape to their Idol Ronnie Hawkins who was impressed with their sound.  They were invited to the Hawkstone Manor for a 3 month Ronnie Hawkins Rock n Roll boot camp, graduating successfully and were further honored to become members of The Hawks (as teenagers WOW!)

PHOTO belongs to James McKenty and Ryan Weber at James McKenty Recording Studio.

Sam and Ryan observed, learned from their mentor “The Hawk” & the musical guidance and opportunities created truth and passion inside their hearts and it wasn’t very long until they ventured forward on their own and are to this very day, highly regarded as seasoned professionals.  They got to make their dreams reality and were blessed to have played with their hero’s: 2 time Juno winning King of Rockabilly-the Legendary Ronnie Hawkins, one of the most revered song-writers and Golden Globe award winning actors of the last half century Kris Kristofferson, world renowned multi-instrumentalist singer actor and 2 time Grammy and multi award winning drummer Levon Helm, Canadian Legendary organist and multi-instrumentalist/composer and Life Time Achievement award winning Garth Hudson, Canadian jazz and blues-rock vocalist and guitarist (who won an incredible 19 awards ) Mr. Jeff Healey, Canadian blues-rocker and Entertainer of the Year award winning David Wilcox, American guitarist/vocalist &Grammy Award-winning producer and entertainer Rick Derringer, American singer/Country Music Hall of Famer,  4 time Grammy and multi award winning singer/song-writer, guitarist, and fiddler Merle Haggard, 14 time Juno and multi awarded Canadian rock band Tragically Hip, English musician & singer/songwriter and world renowned 2015 Bass Player & Lifetime Achievement awarded bassist/founder and frontman of the rock band Motörhead-Mr. Lemmy Kilmister & 2 time Grammy and multi award winning American guitarist, singer and songwriter and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music – Mr. Chuck Berry, just to name a few. 

It’s now been 25 years, since Sam and Ryan known as “monsters of their instruments,” first played the guitar and bass and they have never stopped living & breathing music.  Always writing & creating an impressive 11 albums in a 15-year period with the latest being 2014’s “We,” 2 Wire Megazine Awards (Male Vocalist of the year Ryan Weber and Rock Band of the Year to the Weber Brothers), 1 Musical documentary entitled Before We Arrive: The Story of the Weber Brothers, which was included and presented across Canada at: Canada at the Peterborough Reframe Festival, Imagine Carlton Cinemas in the Toronto Indie Film Festival, Docs on Bay in Thunder Bay, Park Theatre Winnepeg, Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Globe Cinema in Calgary Alberta. Bay Street Film Festival in Thunder Bay, which was directed by Rob Viscardis Productions,   visit Rob's page to stay in tuned at    Weber Brothers have a plethora of music videos like “I Still Believe” which was published on Nov 17, 2014-filmed and edited  by Jeremy Kelly, camera operated by Rob Viscardis, Jessica Melnik and Sean Leckie AND key gripped by Steve Withrow; consequently I honorably appeared in this video with local musicians, celebrities, Weber Brothers family and friends.  It was created for a Weber Brothers friend Shiela Strathopoulos who was dealing with Cancer and it was further included in Before We Arrive: The Story of the Weber Brothers, at the very end of this documentary,  

The Weber Brothers have toured with a huge fan base around the globe and have performed large worldwide festivals like Calgary Folk Fest, performing sold out theatres & taverns including overseas Amsterdam’s Bourbon Street Music Club.  Timing is everything and The Weber Brothers are a distinguished house hold name.  They have accomplished so much in such a short but compact time frame that others could only dream of.  When you are born to entertain, with legions of fans far and wide, it's enough motivation to keep on keeping on with full engines revved and ready.   I was impressed with the passion they exude into their shows, always eager to please their fans and even taking requests from the audience and veering from their extensive set list, just to please everyone at the show, totally awesome. 

They are movers, shakers and what dreams are made of.  You know they have captivated the world as their own entity, when the audience surrounds the stage hundreds deep.  Unless you were one of those hundreds standing in front throughout the 3 set performance, you were guaranteed to barely see the act performing, way to pack the house. They have handed the torch down so to speak to younger musicians that have joined their act, who they have had the chance to mentor as well.   Ryan (Rico) Browne a multi-instrumentalist and Jazz graduate from Humber College brings charisma and a flavour all his own on piano and bass; moreover, it was pretty impressive to see both Ryan’s switch instruments (piano and bass) truly awe- inspiring.  Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter in the room, Emily Burgess happens. Weber Brothers guitarist, youngest and newest WB member, she got a chance to not only showcase her dynamic and adventurous side on guitar,

but she got to sing!  Please take a moment to check out her professional resume out!  Born in 1987 she is a professional touring musician since she graduated with honours from Humber College Music Program.  She is highly regarded as 1 of Canada’s finest emerging female guitarist.  She worked for 5 years as guitarist for Juno nominated 24th Street Wailers, where she played shows across Canada, U.S and France.  She writes, performs continuously and has shared the stage and traded licks with guitar greats Jimmie Vaughan, Kevin Breit, Garrett Mason, Suzie Vinnick, Sam Weber and many more.  With the utmost respect and love for sounds both current and of the past, her dedication to honouring the giants while garnering her own sound has been nothing short of impressive.  As a guitarist for the Women’s Blues Revue Band, Emily has had the opportunity to take her place alongside many of Canada’s top musicians in the annual Women’s Blues Revue at Massey Hall in Toronto.  She continues to play guitar and tour year round with “The Baddest Band in the Land” – The Weber Brothers where she constantly evolves her signature approach and style.   I was over joyed to witness her spectacular vocals on 3 pieces.  Her extraordinary exhilarating version of the WB hit, “Only One in Your Dreams” and 2 Jimmy Rogers’ songs “Walking By Myself” and “Rock This House”, and that they did!  

Observing the age of the fans at the Dakota Tavern show, and they are getting younger and younger and WB’s are bringing their music to a whole new generation, and that is what music is supposed to do, create, captivate, draw in and make a connection.  Adding in guest drummer, Toronto’s Paul Brennan of the Odds, Big Sugar, Sarah McLaughlin and Alannah Myles, brought a warmth and creativity to the room, once the audience figured out who he was, the cameras started flashing. 

  Weber Brothers have several irons in the fire at any given moment and 2016-2017 is no different.  Between their extensive on going tour schedule, Ryan and Sam were recently involved with a huge project that is sure to impact the music industry around the world.  Never has there ever been a collaboration of its kind and Ryan and Sam got to work with industry legends Ronnie Hawkins, Kris Kristofferson, Gordon Lightfoot on the re make of Kris Kristofferson’s hit, “Me and Bobby McGee” produced by the talented team of Robin Hawkins and James McGenty who also engineered, mixed and played acoustic guitar. 

PHOTO by Leah Hawkins
Back Row: Leah Hawkins, Robin Hawkins, Sam Weber, James McKenty, Sam Weber
Front Row:  LEGENDARY Gordon Lighfoot, Ronnie Hawkins and Kris Kristofferson.
 James who went to the US to meet and record on a tour bus, one Willie Nelson to round off the incredible project of a -listers performing on this incredible creation.  Sam Weber perfected the acoustic, electric, and slide guitars, while older brother Ryan brought his talents on bass, piano, percussion, and both brothers included their vocals along with Leah Hawkins and Robin Hawkins, Travis Good (Good Brothers), Greg Keeler (Blue Rodeo).  This project also featured Canadian award winning drummer and friend of mine, the extremely talented award winning Steve Kendry (SPOONS) and videographed by Lisa Kristofferson and editing by: Jon Grimson.   On sale now at Itunes

The Weber Brothers are now booked well into 2017 with a few shows in the Toronto area forth coming at Dakota Tavern, once again on Jan 6 at 10pm with a $10 cover and be rest assured I am arriving 2 hours prior to show time to guarantee a front row photojournalist seat this next time round.  Also, appearing at the Cadillac Lounge on Jan. 14th at 930pm visit for more details.  If however, you are in Peterborough, look out for 2 spectacular things underway. 
Photo by The Weber Brothers
$ 25 tickets (plus fees) on sale now for their 8pm Dec. 17th Market Hall Performing Arts Centre Christmas show at the box office Mon-Fri 12pm – 5pm at 140 Charlotte Street, 3rd Floor or online at or by phone at (705) 749-1146   They always sell out at Market Hall, so hurry don't delay, get your tickets today.   Also, Weber Brothers fans, their 11th album-The Christmas album is already out and the Weber Brothers are releasing in a few weeks in December, a full length feature film, a Christmas special called 'When Christmas Falls on Peterborough” To keep in tuned with Ryan & Sam Weber, Rico & Marcus Browne, Shai Cookie Peer and  Emily Burgess & all there is to know about our beloved Weber Brothers go to  and  

This quaint little pub in the heart of Little Portugal at 249 Ossington Ave in Toronto’s friendly and bustling corning of  Dundas, was jammed, even a huge line up to Dundas was witnessed.  People waiting in droves for a chance to enter the historical pub, known for its nightly top notch live entertainment, and especially to see the fan favorites, The Weber Brothers. 
Dakota Tavern performance was a sheer energetic and marvelous show. I enjoyed their powerful hits and covers but, adored their Struggle, Struggle, Struggle from their 2003 first album 149 Lake Street, and made a strong connection to the song Geraldine and sure proved that their hard work paid off with a song like Long Days Done from their recent 2014 album “We”
NO NEED OF A STANDING O, as they audience provided this standing ovation all night long. TORONTO SURE LOVES THE WEBER BROTHERS. 

by 4th year photojournalist volunteer Deb Draper - The Wire Megazine

Stay tuned to December Seeing Shows by Deb Draper column page 13th online and in print!


Killer Dwarfs & Lukas Rossi & CRUED!

Demolition Rage
ROCK n ROCK WILL NEVER DIE.  What a tremendous weekend in rock n roll starting at The Rockpile Night Club Friday October 21st, 2016.  The club was just a rockin the classic heavy metal, in the sold out Killer Dwarfs show filled with 410 all aged fans. Opening artists were a spectacular collective group of seasoned metal veterans featuring hard and heavy local act Demolition Rage.  Kevin Brazolot bassist/vox, founder/song-writer/guitarist/vox Fabio La Rocca, drummer Cameron Cathcart & frontman George Petkovski delivered some "Screaming Metal" with intensity to bands like Pantera & Dio.  Set list was impressive with 2 Faced Smile, Cast Iron Bitch, Taste of Hell, Adjusting the Pain, Jack of Shadows & leaving the audience awe inspired by vocalist's sound alike DIO cover- Rainbow in the Dark.  Having the past pleasures of playing with Iron Maiden, Motor Head, Dio, 3 Days Grace, I Mother Earth, Kim Mitchell, Slick Toxic, Lee Aaron & ANVIL, you know it won’t be long until you see their name in lights, so hurry and don't delay "Run For The Fence" today to view  and get your $10 ticket to see them perform Nov. 12 at 5555 Dundas Street West, The Rockpile Night Club as they are in a huge high profile Metal showcase.
Also, on the Oct 21st bill just cranking it loud & proud was Orillia's distinct power house & "Angel from Hell" Chuck Swire on lead vox/guitar & his Rellikdog members Adam Cooper lead guitar/vox, Stu Beaudoin bass/vox & Keith Jardine on drums. They can sure growl with the best of them & their sound has a hard shredding uniqueness, check out their wicked set list: God Killer, RIP, Psycho, Mental Society, FTW, Bring on The Fight, Heavy Metal, Fallen, War, Devil Within Me, Bleeding Out & World of War.  If you were stressed out before attending this lineup, you were cured as soon as the first chord was struck, as Metal relieves Mental. Stay in tune at

Killer Dwarfs This show had the largest all age’s audience I have ever seen at the Rockpile, which was presented by S & S Promotions.

2 time JUNO nominees the Killer Dwarfs are 35 year innovators & creative structures in the Canadian hard rock industry. They called out for their #DwafNation to "Stand Tall" & be a part of the Killer Dwarfs history forever and celebrate by being a part of their live recording on a future album (they finished the live recording at the October 22nd Brass Monkey show in Ottawa).  T.O fans jammed the stage to witness magic occur; some new songs and familiar DwarfNation metal staples, Russell Dwarf Graham and his body surfing the crowd and his famous head stand, sure "Drifting Me Back" in time. 

Killer Dwarfs
Their set list was an incredible mix of tunes and they never lost the fans focus as they worked the crowd and they sure knew how to "Keep The Spirit Alive" while founding members Russell Dwarf  Graham lead vox/guitar, Darrell Dwarf Millar on drums, and Killer Dwarfs veteran Gerry Dwarf Finn lead guitar/vox and newest member (since 2013) bassist Johnny Dwarf Fenton performed their hits: Comin Through, Hard Luck Town, Tell Me Please, Union of Pride, Doesn't Matter, Can’t Lose, Start @ 1, Burn It Down with 3 amazing encores: Four Seasons, Dirty Weapons & Heavy Mental Breakdown.  Jump on board this freight train known as Killer Dwarfs as they roar into a community nearest you.  Hey Whitehouse Yukon Territory, the Killer Dwarfs are a coming tonight .   
Photo below you will see Peterborough Promoter and dear friend music lover Judd Smoke out to support friend Darrell Millar and the Killer Dwarfs.  Left to right bassist Kevin Brazolot and leader Fabio La Rocca of Demolition Rage, ANVIL actor (couldn't obtain his name) Judd Smoke and Darrell Millar of the Killer Dwarfs.

Struck gold once again as they presented another stellar show, Saturday. October 22nd featuring LUKAS ROSSI, at the Oshawa Music Hall.
Thanks for an amazing line-up and presentation once again Shamus Black! and stay in tune with Black Moon Entertainment future shows at:

 This was a rare, up close and fan-freakingtastic lineup consisting of the explosive and highly entertaining GTA act Crossdockers. I've been a fan of this indie act a few years now and they have created a rare sound, that hidden gem that pops up surprising listens of all ages and genres.  Hits like "Antidisestablishmentarianism" & the hilarious "Blue Balls" and my fave "Identify the Crucified" & their iconic sound clears your mind and are one tight unit with their musical art that is steadily being presented across Ontario.  It is truly just a matter of time when Crossdockers becomes a house hold name. This particular band lineup came together recently under the highly skilled mind of the Crossdockers founder Jay Alan, but, you would never have known that this line-up, have only been together 4 weeks, as they are a professional group of rock royalty with a tight sound.  This is what music is supposed to do, invade your senses, uplift, and heal.  Crossdockers are believable, fun, creative and addictive.  Stay tuned as the alternative hard folk rock style & friendly natured act are the next music icons on the planet. Crossdockers are on fire, a must see to believe the creativity that oozes from founder/lead vox/rhythm guitar/song-writer/multi-instrumentalist/comedian Jay Alan, bassist Kevin Brazolot (Demolition Rage), drummer Jack Herman (who has worked with high profile artists like Alana Miles and the list is plentiful)& the newest and youngest member Kyle Gee on lead guitar.  Man oh man that Kyle is brilliant and finely tuned, he can make his electric guitar smoke!, he compliments and rounds off the colourful sound known as Crossdockers.  These 4 are one of the fastest climbing act on the GTA music circuit with a plethora of huge concerts under their belts like Honeymoon Suite, Killer Dwarfs Lee Aaron, David Wilcox, The House Call, 
Psychotic Authority, NIB, Gene Pool, Demolition Rage, Y108 Concert Series just to name but a few.
For a mind altering experience visit or


Oshawa’s homegrown "Dark Secret" CARBON rocked in direct support with originals that strongly favored the sounds of Tragically Hip, Teenage Head and even the Headstones.  Set the volume to INCREDIBLE, totally the best way to describe this 5 piece act. Their set list of originals were chalked full of various topics like Love and Money, T.H.C, Shots of Whiskey, Behind the Shade of Night, Just a dream, Plan C, Tailor Made Suit of Misery & Feeling Wasted.   Lead vocalist Jeff Dacey mixed in with Andrew Losier on lead guitar, Jamie Turner on bass, Corey Reynolds on Rhythm guitar & Scott Burrows on drums, have created a massive sound and are a great addition to any party or special event.  Follow and stay in tune with CARBON at:

Lukas Rossi

This was close enough to being a hometown gig for the headlining superstar (Rock Star Supernova's) Lukas Rossi and was a reunion as well with old school band mates from previous acts he worked with pre Supernova.  Lukas put together a freaking genius panel of top notch musicians as he joined past band mates Jon Jameson on drums from Cleavage,  Jay Cianfrini bassist for Rise Electric, and what the audience assumed would be guitarist and long-time companion, genius guitar virtuoso Dominic Cifarelli, however, was indeed the in-demand 
GTA session musician Nathan Whitney.

It was the 1st visit to Oshawa from Lukas in 5 years and the full house 19+ crowd proved that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Die-hard Rossi Posse fans traveled from as far away as Washington DC, Ohio, Indiana, New York and even Peterborough.  SPECIAL thanks to Christina Marie Riverstorm Brown from Ptbo. for texting me. She asked me to search for and say hello to, her dear friend in attendance, Michelle McCauley; consequently, I made a new friend.  Michelle is a die-hard dedicated fan and has traveled North America and attended 30 Lukas Rossi concerts in only a few short years.  I further learned she is the beautiful wife, of the fabulous Dano Selleck, who was Entertainment Director of The Wire Megazine and also played bass in one of Michael Bell's prior bands.  Small world isn't it? People are meant to cross our paths and mysterious things and events like this are meant to happen.  So thank you Christina Marie Riverstorm Brown.  Fans travelled near and far that night, who were sure not going to miss this rare home town performance. Kicking it off in high gear with their Rise Electric’s “Lonely Ones”, “Bored and Gorgeous" (by Cleavage), right into Radiohead’s CREEP, the song that allowed Lukas to shine bright on Rock Star Supernova.   Intimacy and passion followed with the high energy band right into the marvelous melodic 5 song acoustic solo set, with just the prolific song-writer, his acoustic guitar and his mesmerized legion of fans.  Lukas Rossi's concert didn’t disappoint.   He wore his heart and emotions on his sleeve and had me at "Hello," & his version of Adele’s hit has garnered him over 1 million hits on YouTube in under 1 year.   Surprising not just the audience but, Jon Jameson as well, calling him on stage on drums for an impromptu  add on song to assist with a soft back beat to their 1st song that they wrote together during the Cleavage days, “Trust Me” it was divine. Mesmerizing the infatuated fans by performing more old school hits of Rise Electric and Cleavage, covers and personal Lukas Rossi masterpieces like: Empty City and newest hit AWOL which will appear on his future double-album  entitled "United State of Music".  Lukas propelled a tribute to 1 of his Idols Jimmy Gnecco by way of Jimmy's OURS: Sometimes, a truly moving piece, & another I got right into was WAR.  Lukas is truly one super creative entity all his own.

The final song of the night as Lukas told us, “this one is for all of you, as Canada made this hit Double Platinum" and then broke into a hypnotic version of his song “Headspin" which he wrote regarding his mother.  I melted as the entire audience sang it word for word almost over top of him at times, leaving my body covered in goose bumps.  This world-wide internationally acclaimed music master blew my mind!  After the audience cried we love you Lukas and chants got louder and louder he returned solo to the stage to indulge his legions of loving fans and stated “the screams I can’t resist”, & proceeded to perform a song that hit home for me.  I LOVE MYSELF TODAY was written for his 6 year old son Bryden who has been bullied and I could relate as I experience bullying to this very day.  Lukas Rossi's show was much needed for this lost soul, his songs allowed a revivalment of my being and reinstalled faith in my heart.  You must keep up to date with this legend in the making.  You can catch Lukas performing with his band HALO METHOD, Ben Moody (Evanescence), Dave Buckner (Papa Roach) as they are finishing their full length album entitled "Circus Freak Sideshow" and they have released a single "Neurotic" co-written by Neil Sanderson of

Three Days Grace.  stay tuned @ 

As a volunteer photojournalist I get to express my heart and my soulful views on performances I see or hear and 99% have a Peterborough connection. This show was juicy just like a T-bone steak. Hearty and meaty just what you would expect from a Black Moon Entertainment presentation menu.  THANK YOU Shamus Black Black Moon Entertainment for allowing me to meet my IDOL.

Written and photos taken by 3rd year contributor volunteer photojournalist/columnist

Also, of interest regarding CRUED and Crossdockers

Musical friends of mine
 CRUED - The  Notorious Motley Crue Tribute Act, are holding their Annual CRUED Toys for Tots X-Mas 
All Ages Show at the Rockpile Night Club
 at 5555 Dundas Street West in Etobicoke
and Crossdockers are on this bill to share their musical gifts. Come one come all on
 Sunday December 11th, 2016, start times, price and full line up deets to follow in a future blog so stay tuned! Tickets will be going on sale soon as well, sells out fast, so once announced get your tickets asap from any band member or the Rockpile Night Club  @ (416) 504-6699